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  1. anyone heard the album yet?? 

  2. Ulisaax640

    all i saw was bits and pieces of the tour on her instagram, facebook and youtube/and other fan recordings. I really don't know how to feel about this. the autotune really kills it. i know she can sing. but the use of autotune is horrendous. also if she wants to impress her fans, she should make an album singing as if she was singing ray or light or like a prayer... bring her voice out.. show some growling...
  3. 🚨Emergency Announcement 🚨 

    911 film to be released tomorrow🚨 

  4. Ulisaax640

    i like Drowned world as the album opener. so spiritual ad opening. she opens the album with how fame changed her life and have actually found love within her daughter in my perspective...
  5. AVA MAX's album gets released tomorrow!!! who is streaming??? i know i am!!

  6. Ulisaax640

    sorry to burst your bubble but i think i've already destroyed a few brain cells 😅
  7. Ulisaax640

    4 Minutes was not the opening track in hard candy ? 😹
  8. another breakdown... i can feel my mascara coming right off

  9. I created a Non-stop DJ mix of "artpop" 

    of course i left out Gypsy & dope since i feel they both seem not to go with the flow of the album.... 

  10. i really don't like any about "Club BS" None of these remixes really vibed with me. very disappointed in how it turned out...
  11. Ulisaax640

    A Disco/Dance style would be a great comeback for madonna. she should just stick with working with her older producers (Stuart Price for example)
  12. what are the Madonna fans called?? Wannabes or rebel hearts???

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    2. vesalii


      Madders? Iconers?

    3. Rory



    4. discohub


      Do we really need a childish army name ?

  13. Ulisaax640

    How High? 😝
  14. that fall must have went viral lol. Lady Gaga cast a spell and failed 😭
  15. i feel like it was more of an experimental album where she was trying to just release something really quick. maybe it was an album to be played at parties ig... thats how i see MDNA. other than that, she must've lost a few brain cells then if she thought it was a good album...