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  1. @bertrand, i don't receive direct deposit so there is a flaw. i'm going to be working in 2 more weeks or so, but i wish i would be able to help out
  2. Ulisaax640

    Leave her alone. let the woman do what she pleases. after all she is madonna.
  3. does anyone know if cher is releasing a new album? perhaps abba covers volume 2?


    1. Love Is The Groove

      Love Is The Groove

      She (along with every other artist) may be delaying releases until the Covid pandemic in the US is situated. Nobody's able to properly promote their projects right now.

  4. Ulisaax640

    Oh yes!!! has me like--
  5. Ulisaax640

    she served us ancient city style 😭😭
  6. Ulisaax640

    If she is trolling, i am going to watch her fall back in 2015 performing living for love, and then see gaga laugh 😆
  7. did she troll us? 

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    2. PaperFaces


      It’s probably a playlist, or her boyfriend’s track. At best, it is the Madame X DVD.  But also, yes.

    3. PaperFaces


      If she wasnt trolling us, I will eat my shorts.

    4. emanon


      @PaperFacesBart Simçson, are you here?

  8. they are playing 1000 doves 😳

  9. oh the feeling when something wonderful happens and then something horrible that just makes you loose faith. #Fuckit

  10. i'm so happy!! GO BIDEN!!! American Dancing GIF by INTO ACTION

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    2. Ulisaax640


      let him speak his mind. 

      at the end of the day, it's what a certain person thinks or feels.. 

    3. Fighter


      I know he's just joking, but MAGAs will take it seriously looool:party:

    4. RUADJAI


      This is my motivation. 


  12. is 911 a sequel to john wayne?? 

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    2. Monsieur Hugo X

      Monsieur Hugo X

      in flop of course :Madonna017:

    3. Ulisaax640


      well because of there was a car accident in john wayne, maybe it could have leaded into 911... i have the feeling lady gaga was daydreaming while on a bike acting all bitchy, wanting danger or at least its what her meds are doing to her... once she has a card accident she goes unconscious, waking up in a dessert..... and so on...?

    4. deathproof


      She wakes up in a desert because the last things she sees before going unconscious is a poster for White Sands, New Mexico. All of the visuals in the dream come from things she sees in the real world right before going unconscious 

  13. A lady gaga & Madonna collab
  14. AMEN FASHION+++++

    On the runaway

    Work it 

    +++++BLACK JESUS

    1. MadgeSlave


      I love how you post Gaga's lyrics on a Madonna forum lol :lol: 

      Good taste btw! Love that song + Heavy Metal Lover + Hair

    2. Ulisaax640


      Heavy Metal Lover is the Shit!

  15. Please don't say you're sorry 🎶
  16. Ulisaax640

    it's remixes of madame x plus one unreleased song from MDNA (JK)
  17. Ulisaax640

    Sorry but i'm still here waiting for a Chromatica EP, and the Haus mix for babylon
  18. Babylon was playing at the market yesterday. Almost had an anxiety attack 

    1. R3B3LH3ART
    2. emanon


      You mean the new Vogue? 😂

  19. Ulisaax640

    well pop is "dying". will madonna re-invent pop? maybe mash up genres like COADF?
  20. Ulisaax640

    but isn't this pecados ajenos? 🤔
  21. Ulisaax640

    none. but i do need a... MANiCURE
  22. Ulisaax640

    on an unrelated topic..... whats with the "Shanti" demo?
  23. Ulisaax640

    honestly, idk why she didn't just make a documentary of her everyday life, in the studio working on music.... coming home to her kids....