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  1. Several Kpop groups mentioning her as an inspiration not to mention her getting an inspiration award at an Asian music show ,,,,, But yeah "no global impact" ...
  2. I've been editing again and would love some feedback :hallwaylaugh:



  3. Blame the quality of the music. i'm not hating on modern madonna cause she can still make some good songs (but everyone chooses to focus on the bad ones), but they just don't call for that classic Madonna vibe. Her videos are just bonuses now for her fans, so ofc not much effort is gonna be put in. I feel like the star power and energy started fading around the Hard Candy era. Celebration was just... Afterwards with the MDNA era the effort just died. I really don't care though since music videos are just so irrelevant now
  4. Are we finally getting a clean Madonna channel ? omg nut they should really just take down all her videos, and re-upload nice and clean versions of her videos instead. Anyhow better late than never
  5. Depends. Confession was very consistent and productionwise it was (and is) godly and futuristic, but American Life was just so bold and powerful. She, unlike many other people in her position, used her music and power to talk about the toxic political climate, and protested everything, It was a bold move since people as famous as her usually just keep shut.
  6. if she ever got a hit again that'd be a miracle. Madonna's at a point where she doesn't care about her success because she's already cemented a legendary status. At this point she's more worried about spending time with her kids and widening her portfolio outside of music. Music is just a fan favor at this point which is completely fine. Plus it doesn't help that she's old (which is somehow her fault.)
  7. American Life & Nobody Knows Me Because growing up gay in high school in TEXAS sucks ass.
  8. Every Madonna era us brought something new with a new reinvented Madonna. Which era do you think is the most overrated?
  9. True Blue & self titled record. Along with a Crazy For You 45
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