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  1. Discord is an app focused on gamers and talk in chat groups. I also made the first Madonna server on discord since november 27th, 2017. Which was already promoted here. This is only for Madonna talk, share audio files, share your collection, etc etc. https://discord.gg/bqTmXef
  2. Hi ;-)

    could you upload all demos on mega?


    Best regards


  3. i will upload it this afternoon, on youtube. Right now i'm in the school
  4. i found it in some of my carpets, probably a interlude or instrumental.
  5. Mine's are: Madonna: I Know It Like a Virgin: Stay True Blue: Where's The Party? Who's That Girl: Causing a Commotion Like a Prayer: Promise To Try I'm Breathless: He's a Man Erotica: Secret Garden (this is my favorite song from all what she made) Bedtime Stories: Sanctuary Something to Remember: One More Chance Evita: Lament Ray Of Light: Skin Music: Paradise (Not For Me) American Life: Nothing Fails Confessions On A Dancefloor: Forbidden Love Hard Candy: Devil Wouldn't Recognize You MDNA: Love Spent Rebel Heart: Hold Tight Unreleased Content: Madonna: Ain't No Big Deal Like a Virgin: Stay (Demo) True Blue: Each Time You Break My Heart Like a Prayer: Supernatural Erotica: You Are The One Bedtime Stories: Let Down Your Guard Something To Remember: I Can't Forget Ray of Light: Revenge Music: Liquid Love American Life: The Game Confessions On A Dancefloor: Purdy Hard Candy: Ring My Bell MDNA: Golden Girl Rebel Heart: God Is Love
  6. Well, the album has other "ambient", something new for her career. The album have influences of Björk, Kate Bush and David Bowie (that's something what i read also 3 years ago). Talking about the other songs, Your Honesty and Let Down Your Guard are very good songs. I wish the songs was released ):
  7. Bedtime Stories is a masterpiece, all her albums are masterpieces. But Bedtime Stories has that experiemental part what we've been searching for in 90's.
  8. i think Music deserve a better position, Music is such a masterpiece.
  9. Okay, then. The album is a masterpiece, yes, you could say "omg masterpiece" in this year. But, when Madonna released it, the album was considered as a "taboo". Why? because is a woman, the machist was in the top in those years. But if the album, is being released in this decade, obviously it will be considered as revolutionary. But Lamentaly, Christian groups, Mad parents and the censores, did it again against Madonna in those years. :/ My final point is, yes, Erotica is underrated, but still a masterpiece.
  10. i love this album. The album was considered as Taboo in the time when she released it. :/ I love Secret Garden so much. <3
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