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  1. madmarfi

    Hey guys, I noticed in Lisbon Ticket pre-sale that the Sector on the right side of the stage, was unavailable for all the dates. Is this true for the other cities too? Maybe It Will be used as part of the final stage (Batuka choir place?)
  2. madmarfi

    Lisbon, Jan. 18th Is not available anymore. Sold Out?
  3. madmarfi

    I got mine: 18th. The theatre Is near to be sold out. Maybe new shows Will be added
  4. madmarfi

    Legacy Members presale (Lisbon). 10:00AM West
  5. madmarfi

    Lisbon, I'm ready! Less than 4 hours ......
  6. madmarfi

    Hi guys, are there Italians who are planning to go to Lisbon? Another question: if I buy two tickets, I Will Be able to sell separatelly One of them?
  7. madmarfi

    What about the Diamond Panther Ring?
  8. Mine too. One question: I am interested only on Eu dates, should I apply now, or I have to wait the official statement?
  9. madmarfi

    Joined in 1996. Lifetime Legacy Platinum Icon Member
  10. madmarfi

    Th 2019_BBMA interview
  11. madmarfi

    The REAL show
  12. madmarfi

    So we get in TV the (live) mix between the Live Show and a pre-recorded Show. That's a great work!!! Am I wrong?
  13. madmarfi

    In the meantime .....
  14. madmarfi

    As I Remember the Gorillaz collaboration was a recorded video (Gorillaz + Madonna) followed by Madonna's live exibition (with her dancers). This time the live performance in the 2019 bbma seems to be a very innovative One. There is only One Queen. And she Will prove It again. I'm sure!
  15. madmarfi

    The release date of the songs to be released before Madame X make me suspect that Future will be the second official extracted single from the album .... I Rise – 3 May Crave (feat. Swae Lee) – 10 May Future (feat. Quavo) – 17 May Dark Ballet – 7 June