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  1. No, I haven't. I have to take a look on that.
  2. It could've sounded a little better if she actually sang on it. The overuse of autotune made her voice sounded ridiculous. Hope for the next album she'll realize that her voice alone is best and as beautiful as it is without any robotic programme software.
  3. Chrato74

    The Weeknd

    LOL. I know exactly when M said that
  4. We have the same thought. Excluding Who's That Girl into the collection is their biggest sin. It was number all worldwide and even tour named after the song. I can understand they omitted Causing a Commotion (which should've been in You Can Dance) but not having WTG on IC is like incomplete puzzle. If the issue is running time, then they have to shorten Like A Prayer or Live To Tell.
  5. The song has great lyric but it's a mediocre song basically. The album should've been called Iconic and the tour called Iconic World Tour. It's more fitted to her.
  6. Is that for real? I couldn't believe my eyes! WW is my favorite from the other 2 from The Trinity, Superman & Batman because of the fact that she's a demigod. Do you have 1/6 scale figure from Hot Toys. They're must to have stuff. can't wait for WW 84!
  7. Remembering MDNA concert Philadelphia 2012 with a friend.
  8. I Think justice for EROTICA would have been better. The album was demonized when it was released. People thought she was losing her mind and instead she was just bringing to the surface things that are taboo or what people are afraid to talk.
  9. Calm down. No need to get fired up. Okay,Here we go ; I love I Don't Search I Find, reminds me of Vogue.
  10. Oh that's right. M and her label have never cared about album sales. I forgot about that.
  11. Well, I guess we agree to disagree. You probably have listened different albums than I did. And I do indeed want an album made the way she sees not the way she wants a certain group of people (Not me) want her to be. If Rebel and Madame are albums for ALL people, they would've sold millions by now. The albums didn't go anywhere and produced no hit singles. That said pretty much about it. I do get Madonna. I've been Madonna fan since 1985 and her songs always been the soundtrack of my life and I can tell you this, Medellin is not a pinnacle of her work. And to accuse someone of something
  12. No. it's a bold movement having a dance album in a the midst of Hip Hop domination during the time it was released.
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