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  1. I've seen another set just like this before but I never saw anyone mention it
  2. Is this legit? Any background?
  3. And if they'll be in chronological order? I have a feeling it will be.
  4. This one's gonna be good. I'm curious to see the consensus of each track.
  5. I like the title "What It Feels Like For A Girl" Cause she can show how it feels like for a girl to lose her mother. Being the oldest girl in her family. What it felt like for a girl to be exposed to gay culture in her early Christopher Flynn days. Arriving in New York alone. Discovering the male dominated music scene. She really had the balls to give her powerful perspective as a girl & pushing all those boundaries girls today don't have to face because of her.
  6. I love how some of these comments are REACHING. Their poor arms must hurt. ? I needed that comical relief today.
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