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  1. Arthur

    To me, the Deluxe 2CD (guitar cover) set is the one to get. And if you can afford it, maybe the boxset...?
  2. Arthur

    I think the 18 tracks album will not have remixes, only album track! However, on the Fnac Edition CD, they advertise only 15+2 tracks, and I don't fell like they cut off a tracks... so this edition might include remixes...maybe?
  3. Hi guys! Since we know Mirwais is part of the Madame X project, I've been wanting to know which songs he worked on. Maybe someone else would want to know too ? So now that the album is on display on streaming services, we can know who wrote what: 1- Medellín: Madonna Ciccone, Mirwais Ahmadzai, Maluma Londono & Barrera 2- Dark Ballet: Madonna Ciccone & Mirwais Ahmadzai 3- God Control: Madonna Ciccone & Mirwais Ahmadzai 4- Future (feat. Quavo): Madonna Ciccone, Thomas Pentz, Brittany Talia Hazzard & Quavious Keyate Marshall 5- Batuka: Madonna Ciccone, Banda & Mirwais Ahmadzai 6- Killers Who Are Partying: Madonna Ciccone & Mirwais Ahmadzai 7- Crave (feat. Swae Lee): Madonna Ciccone, Khalif Malik Ibn Shaman Brown & Brittany Talia Hazzard 8- Crazy: Jason Evigan, Madonna Ciccone & Brittany Talia Hazzard 9- Come Alive: Jeff Bhasker, Madonna Ciccone & Brittany Talia Hazzard 10- Extreme Occident: Madonna Ciccone & Mirwais Ahmadzai 11- Faz Gostoso (feat. Anitta): Carmo, Nuno, Oliveira, Seabra, Vieira, Rodrigues & Madonna Ciccone 12- Bitch I'm Loca (feat. Maluma): Madonna Ciccone, L. D'Elia, Maluma Londono, Barrera, JAMES, Rodriguez & Stiven Rojas 13- I Don't Search I Find: Madonna Ciccone & Mirwais Ahmadzai 14- Looking for Mercy: Madonna Ciccone & Brittany Talia Hazzard 15- I Rise: Jason Evigan, Madonna Ciccone & Brittany Talia Hazzard Infos from Apple Music