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  1. 1. Loud 2. Anti 3. Talk That Talk
  2. GGW (unless its the tour version of Celebration, that mix ) B'Day Song or Autotune Baby?
  3. Promise to Try I'll Remember or You'll See?
  4. is there a masterpost anywhere with downloads of video edits of songs?? specifically papa don't preach/open your heart/express yourself?

    1. Shoful


      I think most of those are officially released so I believe those aren't allowed on this forum. I would try the search function and see what you can find though

    2. norisk_noglory
  5. Whichever one says "and I still feel shitty" at the end. I don't have these three at my disposal, but I remember one not saying that, maybe two not having that final lyric.
  6. The new demo leak is great!!!
  7. Which songs of hers have never gotten a single live performance or recognition in a tour interlude? It's a shame tracks like Words, Thief of Hearts, and Secret Garden have gone completely untouched.
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