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  1. anyone have any official updates on the attendance number?
  2. he posted a new comment: "...this person has been on broadway once. in a play in the 80s."
  3. Raja from Drag Race was the guest tonight.
  4. i'd assume it's in place of express yourself? easier to swap out. and i can't imagine she'd do like the album version. though she may have just been rehearsing it for fun, i remember she soundchecked take a bow, don't cry, and like a prayer at my rebel heart show only to not do any of them
  5. it was the only date that had to be down graded from a stadium to an arena she never set foot back in the state until the MDNA tour.
  6. my mom is at the show tonight! i hope it's a good one, she always has had a love/hate relationship with minnesota ever since the WTG tour debacle first time she's been back since prince's death tho, i wonder if she'll say something special.
  7. have we discussed the fact that she doesn't acknowledge a single hard candy track on this tour?? every other album gets at least a sample. poor candy shop!!
  8. yes, i mean just get rid of holding a microphone all together. i feel it really interfered with the choreography and dancer interaction.
  9. after being lucky enough to see the show three times does anyone else feel that for Erotica/Justify My Love should just be lip-synced? the maneuvering of a handheld mic is so distracting, especially because you can't hear her anyway! maybe the compromise is a headset mic?
  10. i'm literally holding myself back from buying another ticket for tonight
  11. someone will find out tomorrow, Barclays Center is having merch sales from 12-7 each day inside their main entrance.
  12. we're expecting around a 10pm start tomorrow, yes? so excited!!!
  13. to folks who went or watched the whole show, where does she spend most of her time stage-wise? main stage? one of the catwalks? pretty balanced?? debating buying tickets and want to be conscious of where she moves around.
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