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  1. lord the facebook set up is so annoying! lol https://www.facebook.com/madonna/posts/414176213390504?comment_id=1203887896786689 this works, right??
  2. i just posted my comment! it would be amazing if some of y'all could like it https://www.facebook.com/madonna/posts/414176213390504?comment_id=1203887896786689I'm liking everyone's in this thread too! I hope to see you all there on Thursday!!
  3. i remember being a little kid and just staring at the Rain single cover... amazed by this image. The eyes, the hair, the reflection, the coloring...
  4. I was just reading a thread on another forum where people were either fully defending Till Death Do Us Part or completely trashing it. It got me thinking, which M tracks are either wholly loved or wholly hated by the fans??
  5. its so good oh my goddddddddd
  6. 1. Loud 2. Anti 3. Talk That Talk
  7. GGW (unless its the tour version of Celebration, that mix ) B'Day Song or Autotune Baby?
  8. Promise to Try I'll Remember or You'll See?
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