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  1. I Also noticed in Audacity that there's a slightly cut at the start of White Heat's sample. Actually the word 'a'. Can anyone confirm this? I guess it's not only on my copy.
  2. Me too but I always add comments on my iTunes library, for example the instrumental of True Blue is actually a dub mix so I add this on the comment line on the info.
  3. To be honest I don't like to chat on multiple threads about similar topics, cause anyway, we're discussing about the remixes/versions, videos & technical stuff.
  4. I noticed there's another thread about the 35th Anniversary. Is it better to focus on singles and videos here? That was the original purpose.
  5. Oh! A new discovery of Emily's legendary work. A part of the sample (first word) from White Heat is slightly cut out.
  6. The main tracklist is 99% the 2001 remaster. I compared those files in audacity and they look/sound the same (still the intros for those 2 songs are messed up). [Edit] ...as well the bonus tracks from the 2001 reissue are the same, but it looks like they lowered the volume (exact -2 dB) for La Isla Bonita (Extended Remix). Haven't checked the rest as I don't have all the original cd singles.
  7. Emily did her bare minimum as always and she adds her signature by failing, again. 😂
  8. Just noticed "Where's the Party" and "Love Makes the World Go Round" have the same durations as the recent Spotify replaces. That means...
  9. https://music.apple.com/nz/album/true-blue-35th-anniversary-edition/1578339431
  10. 640x480 is the original master. The distributed master file have black bars on top and bottom (4:3), but if you cut them off the image is exactly 640x360 (16:9). I'm sure they must have a higher resolution file but that was the industry standard in 2009, thanks to vevo that was changed soon after, still Warner and EMI got late to HD, I think they started in 2010/11 when they did a deal with vevo.
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