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  1. Yes, compared to the cd. The digital version (from qobuz) have a different one that fades 3 seconds earlier. The other remixes are just the same from the cd and the unreleased ones are legit too. Just the album version looks from another release, probably from a random compilation album and as no one did a quality check, as usual on old Madonna's albums pre-iTunes, is still there and they bought that file and added to the digital single.
  2. I compared the video with my 1999 dvd and it seems they did a new audio edit for the remaster which it starts slightly different than the video version.
  3. The Album Version fades out 3 seconds earlier. Does anyone know why is that? Also does the radio edit is the same transfer to the promo cd?
  4. The anniversary is on February 7 so probably it's coming along with the HD video.
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