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  1. off-topic but what happened to madonnation.cz ? It was a nice source finding official versions and promos without searching for hours.
  2. Dvd is a problematic format for various reasons. For example it always squish or stretch the original master video (4:3 or 16:9) to transfer on dvd's native resolution (720x480/576). And it reforms the aspect ratio back again on display (playing the dvd) to the original dimensions but it's always slightly blurry no matter how high is the bitrate, this process harm the final result.
  3. We all know what Rhino touches becomes s***t, to be honest I'm still not sure if it's just Rhino or non-existed management in Madonna's part. The thing is that Madonna was always about quality and creativity but lately I'm not sure. These releases are a mixed bag. At one hand we get unreleased stuff and at the other hand the quality is poor with cheap tricks applied to them. When they can make new clean professional state-of-the-art transfers that can cost less than one Madonna's Instagram outfit. Till now nothing can top the original transfers.
  4. I Also noticed in Audacity that there's a slightly cut at the start of White Heat's sample. Actually the word 'a'. Can anyone confirm this? I guess it's not only on my copy.
  5. Me too but I always add comments on my iTunes library, for example the instrumental of True Blue is actually a dub mix so I add this on the comment line on the info.
  6. To be honest I don't like to chat on multiple threads about similar topics, cause anyway, we're discussing about the remixes/versions, videos & technical stuff.
  7. I noticed there's another thread about the 35th Anniversary. Is it better to focus on singles and videos here? That was the original purpose.
  8. Exclusive clip: Emily on her way to search Warner Music vaults.
  9. Oh! A new discovery of Emily's legendary work. A part of the sample (first word) from White Heat is slightly cut out.
  10. The main tracklist is 99% the 2001 remaster. I compared those files in audacity and they look/sound the same (still the intros for those 2 songs are messed up). [Edit] ...as well the bonus tracks from the 2001 reissue are the same, but it looks like they lowered the volume (exact -2 dB) for La Isla Bonita (Extended Remix). Haven't checked the rest as I don't have all the original cd singles.
  11. Emily did her bare minimum as always and she adds her signature by failing, again. 😂
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