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  1. Hopefully we get the rest of singles and videos from Ray of Light and American Life soon. They simple change their plans all the time. Or they just have not any plan at all other than just having a goal to release/upgrade them. But I have a feeling that they're back with each single anniversary instead of what they did with Erotica and that pause everytime they have something new to release. Edit: Well, it's just a straight thinking.
  2. They can/could split the tracks on volumes like "Remixes Pt.1, 2", and choose the alternate art as well for the second EP but of course they can't hire someone to remake and digitize the covers in the first place. XD
  3. Idk. I found the mp3 files here from Sharemania. On the Audio tab on VLC there's an option to change from headphones or whatever to Stereo and it does a pretty good job but I had to change that setting each time.
  4. I found the cover on some Rhino's older press LP release. The colors are correct, it's slightly zoomed-in but bigger size obv. Also is slightly off-center.
  5. I don't have Dolby Atmos ear/headphones but I found a way to listen some of it on VLC by just changing the audio into stereo. XD Does the drums sound like synth effects most of the time?
  6. I took the header from the website news (they used it on YouTube as well), cropped it and change the color profile to Adobe RGB and exported to RGB, now it looks better. It seems they mistagged the color profile once again like the previous covers. I searched for press releases for higher quality but they haven't add any file (yet?). 1080x1080 png: jpg: [If you like any other size, upscaled or not, let me know.]
  7. There's no way this is not intentional. I mean, they obviously know the versions are different comparing the masters, maybe M wanted another version of the songs there. Anyway, It's alright cause it's not the QSound sound to them anyway, considering they worked from stems to make the Atmos mixes. Edit: I mean the multitrack tapes. Also that's another reason they're not gonna fix the mixes on the stereo tracks.
  8. That title thing is just YouTube faults. I saw similar titles on other music videos as well.
  9. People mislead the Director's Cut video that was leaked later as the original broadcasted video (me too until recently). I would love to know the background of this one. Wikipedia doesn't says a lot.
  10. Who knows. The Bush one is the original video right? The other one is the Director's Cut with the additional explicit stuff that are not on the Bush one, also more war film.
  11. I found the cover being brighter (red color) here... https://m.lnk.to/ALRemixes Edit: I found on file info that the color profile is on Adobe RGB, that's why it looses its original colors on Apple Music, not supported. The file is upscaled using Topaz Labs.
  12. It seems the cover from the streaming link is more vibrant... https://m.lnk.to/NRMRemixes XD
  13. Ok that's the last one... The police arrested a group of pop stars "Double C" consisting of Cher and Cyndi Lauper. The two disguised and called themselves Emily with the aim of destroying Madonna's legacy. In the deposition, Cher said, "I'm Cher huh", while Cindy said "Girls just wanna have fun". Anyway, we don't really know what's the issue behind the post. So I'll just skip it.
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