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  1. Ok that's the last one... The police arrested a group of pop stars "Double C" consisting of Cher and Cyndi Lauper. The two disguised and called themselves Emily with the aim of destroying Madonna's legacy. In the deposition, Cher said, "I'm Cher huh", while Cindy said "Girls just wanna have fun". Anyway, we don't really know what's the issue behind the post. So I'll just skip it.
  2. Emily found that Photoshop's beta uprez thing and she's playing with settings right now so we can get the bare mini.. hmhmh absolute , detailed cover arts!.. And of course using LANDR (or anything) to remaster old random tapes that was recently discovered on Warner's sealed dungeons. XD
  3. Just don't forget guys, this is RHINO! The label that released the AMAZING box set in 2012 and those INCREDIBLE vinyl re-issues straight from Emily's house lab.
  4. All the informations are available to everyone that has access to their release schedule, right (that database website)? Like record stores, magazines and blogs...
  5. If they mean the digital re-releases, then they really don't have much to deal with and that's their only concern.
  6. Cover art: https://a5.mzstatic.com/us/r1000/0/Music126/v4/42/be/09/42be0972-a978-8a2d-6e64-58f744d35282/603497831647.jpg
  7. Here it is: https://music.apple.com/nz/album/burning-up-physical-attraction-ep/1676050933
  8. I still think we're getting the rest of ROL singles (Like Erotica) this month but it's the 40th Anniversary of Burning Up as well. Maybe that's why there's an exception. Edit: Oh well you said the same thing on a later post. XD
  9. About technical stuff (mixing, mastering etc.) there's a thread here: https://madonna-infinity.net/forums/topic/32552-audio-quality-discussions-mixing-mastering-editing-pressings-etc/page/27/?tab=comments#comment-1084148
  10. If the new remaster is distorted it's on the whole track and not just the vocals as it's a single audio and not a remix/remaster from the multitrack tape/s. I can't compare it to anything non-remastered (to listen on what condition it is) so I'm good with it for now. But I agree about Gambler being terrible. OYH, probably not even sourced from an audiotape, it's like a videotape rip, If that's what they got or exist. :P
  11. To be honest I can't really compare the track to any previews digital transfer release (do we got it before? I don't remember). Any Vinyl rip sounds distorted to my ears, can't really tell if it's pops or clicks but any part that sounds distorted like the bridge part are on the vinyl too. The only one close to this is the LP version and it's the only track that sounds really bad both on the original German release and 2001 remaster, so I assume it's a master tape thing (low budget, testing the waters) and we're lucky that we got the track sound better than what we got before, it's really close to what the songs sounded in the digital era, let's say 90's... It's a dance song after all. I want to say that I'm pretty satisfied with this release but I understand why someone might not like it. Just an opinion. :P
  12. Yes, they did an awful work remastering Gambler, if it was remastered at all and not doing the 'boost the volume to the gods' thing. But I can't tell the same for Everybody... I think they did a good job remastering this one and it's on 24-bit.
  13. Cover from here: https://m.lnk.to/RoL and the source cover file from iTunes/Apple Music... https://a5.mzstatic.com/us/r1000/0/Music116/v4/ba/eb/c4/baebc4c0-0720-1bf9-0a1d-3b23faa9c9c1/603497832514.jpg
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