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  1. By all accounts we've heard, the new version of Holy Water sounds like it's going to be one of the weirdest things she's ever put her name to, in the best way. BRING IT.
  2. This is fanmade, but still really cool. I love the editing.
  3. I'm not the biggest fan of the nose ring either, to be honest. Not because it's particularly offensive to me (I'm a lapsed Catholic myself), but it's not exactly new territory for her - her styling is straight out of the 1991 Rolling Stone shoot, and Madonna + Catholic imagery is a bit old hat at this point. At the same time...at this point in her career, what ground could there possibly be left for her to cover? Part of me doesn't really blame her for the increased self-referencing over the last decade or so.   I also don't think it's exactly fair to call anyone who disagrees with the general consensus a Little Monster, either. Gaga and her fans aren't really relevant to the discussion at hand - not to mention that that attitude pretty much ignores the pretty large crossover between the two fanbases. Not everyone who likes Gaga hates Madonna, and vice versa. But that's another topic entirely.    All of that aside, I do like it purely from an aesthetic standpoint - it's very well put together, and it reminds me of the Sex book.
  4. But what about Secret Garden? :( I feel like that one gets pushed to the background a lot.
  5. I'm just anxious to see the video. Apparently Ray Caesar's involved which can only mean awesome visuals.
  6. Thank you! :D And yeah, you're probably right. But we all know how much she loves to reuse lyrics, so I'm sure we'll hear a line or two from Revolution or something somewhere on the 14th album
  7. Interscope doesn't own the rights to her back catalogue on Warner either iirc. I wouldn't be surprised if some of the demos that didn't make it onto Rebel Heart will be reworked for the next album. She's certainly recorded enough
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