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  1. Rose Mist Stud

  2. Rose Mist Stud

    That’s not her taste. I doubt she’s even listened to an Ariana Grande song. She is just doing as a favor because of the Guy O abd Kabbalah ties.
  3. Rose Mist Stud

    Over and over is basically her first song she wrote, Again and Again
  4. Rose Mist Stud

    I still haven’t listened to it. But I did research online and she is a Kabbalist and is part of Maverick management so Madonna is just being sympathetic to her.
  5. Rose Mist Stud

    Ariana goes to the Kabbalah Center
  6. Rose Mist Stud

    Love them all but favorite is ghosttown
  7. Rose Mist Stud

    I’ve personally never even heard of this artist Ariana until now. It’s obviously just a way to help sell this cunt’s new single to Madonna’s fan base. Whoever she is, she’s trash for using Madonna’s name.
  8. Rose Mist Stud

    I agree but the reality is that if the record is going to sell to the teen/pre-teen market which is the most important market in pop, than she needs lots of famous rappers on it.
  9. Rose Mist Stud

    He’s an ass.
  10. Rose Mist Stud

    No more like a prayer, like a virgin and ray of light as well.
  11. Rose Mist Stud

    Don’t stop was always my favorite track on bedtime stories
  12. Rose Mist Stud

  13. Rose Mist Stud

    Causing a Commotion please! rescue me of course
  14. Rose Mist Stud

    Madonna’s records will always be full of guest rappers. It’s what everyone does and Madonna loves rappers. My favorite was American Life where she rapped herself. Better than any feats.
  15. Rose Mist Stud

    All that stuff is for men’s skin but she uses those branding shoots often times to shoot stuff for her tour backdrops.