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  1. Today at work only playing Madame X. I dont really wanna play anything else. She starts today in my country :-) The last months, I've been feeling like she is a distant memory...BUT, I think she is coming for me again, slowly as time goes by, but she is. "A senhora vai me pôr tão louco!" :cute:

    I'm feeling like a "little tenderness" for this woman. Dont ask me if I love or ever loved her...I dont know what love is. 

    deep inside I wish everything goes well for her, tonight, and the rest of the tour. It's nice to have her back in the game, but, and I'm not being negative, she didnt seemed totally well to me in the first videos she shared from Lisbon. Something, like when you look into someone's eyes... hope I'm wrong. 

    and sharing about her, is getting me emotional...BUT...(jesus, it seems today I only writte BUT...lol), but,is not negative being emotional; my eyes get dry easy, so, being emotional kinda hydrates them...ah ah ah:lol:

    Dont know wich tshirt I will use for the show...If I had someone to help me choose, someone that wouldnt leak my designs...LOL