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  1. Should I stopp following Madonna on instagram? With madame X, her constant teasing really got me to my nerves. The Biopic is goin the same way, I'm not interested in the movie...but the music. Her last post was with a song we never heard. And I doubt I will ever hear that song again. It's like,  if you dont know, you wont feel anything. About the movie, I really doubt she will tell something we don't already know...I really doubt she will tell the truth, only the truth and nothing but the truth...

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    2. emanon
    3. Ulisaax640


      it was more virtual but the vmas..

    4. lap


      I'm really tired about her posts: kids, bathroom,  kitchen,  boyfriend dancing around and many bad selfies. I'm not interested about her personal life, but about the star she used to be. For me, Madonna's instagram is the most boring celebrity account ever.