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  1. Anyone knows how to had subtitles to a video with NERO?

    I have nero 2015, I have the video, wanna dit the subtiltes, add it to the video and burn a dvd. Anyine can help? Thanks :-)


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    2. emanon


      @Kosmmikjust cant use them...Adobe seems just a file with videos, not a program. Architect, the Keygen dvdarchitectpro5.2.135 folder is empty...

      guess I'm gonna have to do it my way. Editing the subtitles on subtitle edit.

      Is there any other program, recent one, that would allow me to make dvds with subtitles? My way, I will save a file in mp4 or mkv in handbrake (subtitles in). Than use nero to build the dvd. 

    3. Kosmmik


      @emanon. I guess you dont know how to proper make use of torrent and cracked stuff. 

      The architect keygen is empty because your antivirus (probably Windows Defender) deletes the keygen file automaticly, so it is recomended to turn off you anti-virus temporarily while you download these files and only turn it on again after you finished all the instalation properly. 
      Subtitle Edit is only for editing subtitles and exporting them into a corrrect format. 

      I make excleent blu-rays using the torrent links I sent you. 


    4. emanon


      @Kosmmiki tried to download the keygen folder again, but the torrent is not downloading... do you still have that? can you send me in a file? thanx

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