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  1. This picture in HQ, anyone?


  2. Should I wait for you?

  3. Da-da-da-dum da-dum da-dum da da da-da dum

    Thank you, Beautiful stranger!

    Da-da-da-dum da-dum da-dum da da da-da dum

  4. She sees me and the smile is gone!

  5. I wonder if there is a pro shot of BAT Toronto May 29...

    That is one I would like to have...whilel I'm seating on my couch waiting for Madame X demos, and all the shows done in Portugal. I was told to seat confortable, cause I might wait all my life and beyond  for it :tongue::lol:

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    2. emanon


      The Toronto freedom of speech one it's special :cute: Give it to us <madonna!

    3. Andymad


      I’m actually surprised they didn’t include that small part in TOD. Or even that small smile she made the first time she moaned! In the bootleg you can see her smile cheekily at Nikki after doing it! So cute

    4. emanon


      I agree. They should have included it, instead of Paris live footage. It would make more sense to watch the performance from the fascist state of Toronto...I guess the fascist state of Madonna doesnt liek to please us :tongue:

  6. and why should anyone use those streaming services? Just because most people live "online". No, thanx.
  7. - Dad, can I ask you a question?

    - Yes.

    - Can a girl poop from her vagina?


    (Meet) The Fockers

  8. Madonna doesnt care, my love. Her love opened her eyes but not for this as long has the money keeps rolling in, they don't care. SO, I dont care either. No streaming services, no charts. I buy the stuff one time, sometimes multiple copies, convert to mp3...than my phone streams it the way the app choses...I put it on suffle, or whatever that is called. AND even if it doesnt play the more than 4000 songs at a time, it only has what I like since I was child...Jesus, I guess I'm going a little out of topic....kkkk Build your own streaming service on your phone. We dont really nee
  9. What? Are you serious?!?!

  10. Hola Barcelona!

    Hola España!

    creis in el amor? 

    Cause I got something  to sing about i...

  11. Somebody stuck a big fat man in the front
    to give me dirty looks all night,
    I swear to God!

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    2. emanon


      @RUADJAI you are, really? Now you are a celebrity :tongue:

    3. RUADJAI


      @emanon No no... I was like 8. Im just imagining if that guy ever found out about that. 

    4. emanon


      😊 probably Not... She must had hundreds giving her dirty looks.

  12. Comparing the sound from "Truth or Dare" US, to "In Bed with Madonna - Europe" (the version I was used to)...In Bed seems now "In Bed WithThe Chipmunks" :lol:

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