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  1. Thanx @Betuncba for sharing the pics of Madame X Vip book.

    I remembered that once I made my own RHT photo album on Hoffmann program/ website...So, I just thought about doing it for Madame X  Vip book. havent finished yet, some pics had to be "croped" from the sides a little, a little edition here and there, some things cant really be done like in the original book, but I think it will turn out really good. The original book is really expensive for me, I just cant spend that much in a book. After I edit it on the program I will decide if i order the final work or not. But I guess I will :-) Anyway, I'm not VIP so... :-)

  2. madonna doesnt care about that...like the duet with Kylie most fans always wanted...
  3. That would be fucking great. I've never been that much of a fan of Marry the night. I like Kylie version
  4. I bet Madonna is jealous as hell...😂😂😂😂
  5. Só, i think its the script 😂😂😂😂😂
  6. Hola! :-) (S)we(e)T Dreams... The devil in disguise... Dara dara dara da da dara da what about me??? I thought we had soemthing unique...
  7. Mayday, mayday...my eyes are failing. I cant trust them. I need a new pair of glasses, regular ones. with no augmented reality...
  8. A dvd with 6 chanels, wich one would be the center chanel? I'm finally riping a dvd someone asked me for(teh center chanel).

    By the way it is chanel or channel, or channell  or chanell? I never know the correct word and not in the mood to search... kkkk

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    2. emanon


      Thnak you @DanK I use dvd audio extractor. all named title 1 (ch1 or ch2,....) I think it's ch3. Somebody asked me RHT center channel, but it isnt interesting as Girlie Show center channel...RHT seems "over" edited. In Girlie Show, I swear, I once heard a dog barking...kkkk

    3. Andymad


      hmmm would that work with the TOD dvd? 

    4. Chris Morlock

      Chris Morlock

      Chanel is the fashion brand. Channel is what you're looking for (as already mentioned). The other spellings don't exist

  9. Lisbon is Not cursed...Madonna just being Madonna...She is never happy, that its way She Over edits anything like a tour concert lately...
  10. the world will not remember me...but i hope that in a thousand years, if men dont fuck it up, they will still remember Madonna
  11. Day of: This Used To Be My Playground.


  12. BEST comment ever!!! I want this cover, please! Madonna, Please! Who?
  13. Thank you for your point of view. 😊 Actually i was afraid of sharing it, what you say "passion", because I dont really wanted to Start some kind of war. In the end land is just land, and men should Share it instead of fighting and killing for it, wheter they are in Israel, Palestine, Europe, Middle east, África... I wonder if there are people here from both sides. I know i cant do anything to fix it, but would love to know their stories.
  14. read everything I wrotte, but focus on the underlined sentences neither Israel is a complete monster and "Palestine" a total innocent victim. And by Palestine I dont mean the whole people, but system running it aka Hamas. Read Hamas manifest, wich in my opinion takes a lot inspiration in the Nazi Germany (regarding the jews)... The Jews have been one of the most hated people in the world, for centuries...and you know what: for no reason at all. That area has been their home for centuries, that has been taken several times by other people, like: the romans, crusades, Islam also (just
  15. too bad for her, all she will get from him his...his art work! I use paintNet free...and I do really nice things there. Grab a chair, or you will fall to the floor. Your legs cant handle so much time waiting for Really bad idea. And I dont trust her...everytime she announces something on her stories it ends up "her being just a troll". Look it up...the two mix tapes that never happened. Reductive, by the way She got people more anxious about it. Honestly, we dont need that anxiety. When I saw that i just thought about unfollowing her. Cant stand her teasing. its
  16. She annouced it on her insta stories, right? So, here is my point of view: don't expect it in October. Herstory tells that the annoucements on her insta stories are just trolling the fans, make them more anxious about something. Remember mix tape months before Madame X, I think it was in the end of 2018? Remember mix tape last year? Madame T (troll), likes to troll the fans. :-)
  17. This picture in HQ, anyone?


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