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  1. I just noticed today..DWT took two months after it ended...
  2. Rather watch it how it happened, with flaws, everything...than a reshooted thing. what is her reshooting ? The dance routines she had more difficulties, because of her hip/knee? rather watch a human being that carries on, with flaws, difficulties, problems, than watch something reshooted...that didnt happened at all. It's like reshooting Living For Love Brit Awards...If i loved that she falled on the floor? No, But I loved that she carryied on... Madame X Theatre, LIVE Re-shooted In... her latest live releases it's like...too much edition, too much special effects. is that per
  3. I'm not talking of a hurried night
    A frantic tumble then a shy goodbye...

  4. Thank you, gonna try it. I just dont get it...it doesnt Open like before. Programs disapered from the screen. There is One that everytime i want to use it i Need to instalo, but the Next time i Open the pc it os not there. To find the files i had, i have to go to Windows/C/ users.. If i try ti use Nero, its like Im installing it for the first time, and asks my data...strange. I had an antivírus (McAfee), but expired. Do you know a better One? Actually it happened after i came to this fórum and clicked on a link. I searched online, and its seems cause of Windows update
  5. I wonder who the hell some people here think they are? I wonder who make them think they have the right to come to someone's post to be offensive, to tell them "do this, do that", when people are just sharing what they feel? Look inside yourself, bitch.

  6. In the fado club with Madame x... documentary, not that excited about it...
  7. The shirt I made for the Re-Invention tour. First time in Portugal ☺️☺️


  8. Get up on the dance floor, everything is groovin' Get up on the dance floor, got to see you movin' Let the music shake you, let the rhythm take you Feel it in your body, sing la dee da dee Don't stop doin' what you're doin' baby Don't stop, keep movin', keep groovin' Don't stop doin' what you're doin' baby Don't stop, keep movin', keep groovin' Come on join the party, let the bass line pump you Bring your body over, baby let me bump you I know I can groove you, you know I can move you Feel it in your body, sing la dee da dee Don't stop doin' what you're doin' b
  9. I'm going NUTS! Sometimes it just disconnects like the Power is off , but no big deal at all. The last time it happened, when I opened it,it was different. Some programs just disapered from the screen, including Netflix, tidal, torrent and others. All folders seem empty: documents, music, downloads...etc...but the memory is full like yesterday. But if i go to Windows/C...users, it seems that everything is there. I just dont get it....please, help.
  10. Bitches, it was just Madonna trolling us once again...because she thinks we are too old/grown up  to tell us a bedtime story! :lol::lol: Yeah yeah yeah woah Yeah yeah yeah woah

  11. You missed demon semen...i wonder what it tastes like? 😂😂😂😂😂
  12. By the way, She doesnt follow me either...what a b#@€€!!! 😁😂
  13. Ops, my mistake. Some time ago I was curious and went to see that, and She wasnt. Anyway, people, just forget about my first comment here. In the end, the people se follow on insta is Not that importante.
  14. she only follows them when she needs them... she is not following Dino too, and he was such a help in Lisbon, Madame X, those living room sessions...
  15. I'm scared. Living right now is só surreal... everybody has a different opinion of it; scared and tired. Its like every second is the last one, and Im afraid of losing or being Lost. I wish i could live in bubble With my loved ones, where nothing bad had no chance to Touch us. Sorry about this dark mood. 

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    2. professormouse


      So scared you throw random insults out at total strangers.
      Or is this all part of your loneliness.

    3. emanon


      dear @professormousedo I owe you something? where did I insulted anyone at all? If you dont have nothing good to say, just shut your mouth. You dont know me, you're not on my skin...Ohh sorry If i asked for some support here. 

    4. XAnon777


      My friend, don't worry, keep the faith 🙏🏻 good times are coming! Pray to Jesuschrist 🙏🏻✝️ and ignore the trolls! 

  16. Wow...I can be a singer too...
  17. Já não me lembrava...vim buscar os direitos de autor! Madame X é portuguesa...e unhas de fome... Really? I didnt remember that...I came to collect my royalties! Madame X is portuguese...and a material girl
  18. ask corona first if we will have our life back like it was before :-D :-P
  19. Que história fixe! :-) What a great story it is ! Tell your friend to tell guy to tell madonna to release the dvd asap...better, yesterday :-P
  20. Pre-show. Madame X Lisbon in a few days for me... one year ago! Thank "ME(some say God)" I recorded the show.

    "things havent been the same, since corona came into our life..."


  21. #soon (on madonna time) no, it makes no sense...at all YES! That would be perfect
  22. My team on Coin Master 😂😂


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