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  1. EmmaBasquiat

    She is too cool for the Met anyway 😌
  2. EmmaBasquiat

    I agree she’s not Beyoncé. But give it a chance. He’s talented. And we may be surprised by their collaboration.
  3. EmmaBasquiat

    He is one of the co-writer of Beyonce’s Formation. He’s pretty talented. He has a nice voice.
  4. EmmaBasquiat

    I think that would be a really good idea to do both. Imagine something much more like a broadway show, very theatrical with less high techs stuffs. A little bit like what she did during The Met last year. But it would be really expensive. And I agree with you, I don’t think she is ready for piano bar.
  5. EmmaBasquiat

    When she was promoting the blu-Ray for the Rebel Heart Tour she said she felt she had pushed the concept of Arena Tour to the max so she wanted to try something new. I think it was for Entertainment Weekly.
  6. EmmaBasquiat

    She probably wants to focus on the performance. OMG Guys I’m suffocating!!!! It’s going to be INSANE!!!
  7. EmmaBasquiat

    Has anyone seen Madonna on the red carpet ? I missed that part of the show.
  8. EmmaBasquiat

    I saw one last Thursday or Friday. It was only for her and Maluma. They did a separate (short) commercial with their names.
  9. EmmaBasquiat

    She’s really cool and always says nice stuffs about M. she’s one of my favorite.
  10. EmmaBasquiat

    Madonna was fun during that interview. At some point I thought that she seems in a good mood. The only problem was the concept was a bit problematic. She wanted to talk more but the host apparently could not let her do so. You can tell she is really proud of her new work. And she should be. And I saw Cher on an Interview with Ellen and Hell NO she was not cool. AT ALL.
  11. EmmaBasquiat

    Some things never change lol.
  12. EmmaBasquiat

    I think Dino D’santiago worked on Funana. I think it’s even the name of one of his song. For Nakhane maybe he provided background vocals or something. At this point we really do not know that much so let’s just wait. ?
  13. EmmaBasquiat

    Now that you mention I may try to do that. But lord it will be hard lol.
  14. Also starting Friday people in the US should really stream/buy the song so with a little bit of hope she will appear on next week Billboard 100.
  15. EmmaBasquiat

    I’m actually a teenager. I’ve never liked a Quavo’s song before the release of the song. The only reason I like it it’s because of Madonna. Yes it’s not M at her finest but I don’t think she tried to, she probably did that just to experiment and have fun. I don’t think it shows the direction of the next album.