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  1. The 2 CD Edition is available to pre=order on Amazon UK :
  2. I have the CD Single. Fun catchy song.
  3. Hi Bucca,


    here are Louise - 2 Faced (Jazzy M Twisted & Deceitful Vocal Mix)
    & Beautiful Inside (Tilt's Phazon Mix) from CD in Apple lossless from this CD :


  4. anjoel

    Always up for a horror film discussion.
  5. anjoel

    As an older fan myself (46) I can say 'I Love It' and that's not me trying to be relevant, if I didn't like I would say. I don't like everything she does, there is the odd track I am not keen on. I have never been a fan of 'Bitch I'm Madonna', although I enjoy it more with the video. I am still stuck in the 80s a bit and don't enjoy as much new music these days but it doesn't stop me listening and trying.
  6. anjoel

    I don't really like that rapping either usually but I quite like it on this, besides he is hot, I am shallow, so I can deal with it.
  7. anjoel

    Played it loud through the soundbar and it's so rich with sound. So many layers with the vocals. Works perfectly with the weather warming up.
  8. anjoel

    On loop. Get's better with every listen. Can't wait for the album now.
  9. anjoel

    Me too, only for her.
  10. anjoel

    Super Deluxe too :