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  1. Finish the editing/color/sound mix/whatever and release already in streaming services. I don't get that! Oh Aldo! It's been 4 years since that awful poster that he did for Rebel Heart Tour and he still can't aprimorate his "art".
  2. Are they using Remini app for the artwork? What a lazy job!
  3. valonqar


    That's what it seems, it says was filmed by portuguese director Pedro Pinto, but I didn't find any information besides IMDb.
  4. valonqar


    I was randomly searching for Goldfrapp's stuff and this came to me. I didn't know there was a proper music video filmed for Black Cherry, unfortunately had the same fate as Fly Me Away's music video. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5137952/
  5. Probably Madame X Tour will be released under Warner, maybe HBO Max?
  6. I want so badly this outtakes from LAV album cover.

    Captura de Tela (94).jpg

  7. Not only in digital stores. They (Warner) are using scans for printed editions (cds and vinyls). Shameful!
  8. Crazy and Faz Gostoso should be singles, but we all know that's not going to happen. Killers would be a interesting music video bringing a message behind it, something similar as American Pie music video with those civilians scenes.
  9. God Control is Madonna being Madonna. God bless her!
  10. I Don't Search, I Find reminds me Goodbye to Innocence, such a treasure in so much tragedy.
  11. Finally a decent box set!!! I didn't like how they put the typo over her face, but the photo looks like a painting and I loved. The photo from the casebound book should be the standard edition!
  12. She set to direct a live action for manga X by CLAMP
  13. Maybe X (10) is the date when the single will be released...but from which year? Perhaps the next mosaic show the month (as roman numerals) that will be released.
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