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  1. Thank you! I posted this on twitter and tag everyone. I think Rhino is aware this mockup, they liked a message posted by Paul from superdeluxeedition.com. I was watching a unboxing video for a Led Zepelin's boxset album and I assuming Kevin Gore overseen this one. So I'm not worried anymore about the art direction, I just hope they stop using scanned images of the artwork sleeves like they did on cds, vinyls and even in streaming services. I'm now worried about the content, I need in my life every different take, early mixes and demo included.
  2. I'm very fond of digibook/casebound book packages, the artwork seems to work better than in a jewel case. I created a concept mockup for the LP box set too:
  3. Let's see how it will develop these reissues, I have my doubts, but I expect they make justice to such a legendary legacy. I was fooling around with this excited news at my day off and decide to create this mockup. Although I expect better design wise and a different package (like Rolling Stones reissue box for Tattoo You or Prince box set reissues).
  4. Are they using Remini app for the artwork? What a lazy job!
  5. Probably Madame X Tour will be released under Warner, maybe HBO Max?
  6. I want so badly this outtakes from LAV album cover.

    Captura de Tela (94).jpg

  7. Not only in digital stores. They (Warner) are using scans for printed editions (cds and vinyls). Shameful!
  8. Christopher Lyons did a great job even get some recognise from Liz.
  9. I did this 5 years ago just for fun after I saw the Pink Floyd's Immersion box set and wondering why the hell Warner or even Madonna don't treat her legacy properly.
  10. What a cheap way to celebrate such a iconic album, Warner. Including the original versions of some songs instead some unreleased songs or remixes. Shame on you! At least we have Supernatural...
  11. Awesome, I want it now! The back cover is exactly how I was thinking..but I'm broke...DAMMIT!
  12. Thank you for the advice, but It will cost much more buying from another country. Taxes to shipping to our country are not cheap. And yes hahaha I am very perfectionist Right, the Madonna font is ok, but the text layout is messed up. Exactly!
  13. At least the photo is stunning, but the typography/text layout is horrid! Probably Aldo is in charge for the booklet? Holy shit... I won't buy for now, but my anniversary is 13th september. So, I'll order as a gift
  14. I doubt that TOAC excerpt will include any (complete) song. It is missing the photo gallery. I WANT IT NOW!!! #boycottRHTDVD
  15. Yes! https://www.instagram.com/ag_dresign/ https://www.behance.net/ag_dresign https://www.flickr.com/people/136680201@N07
  16. Yup, too familiar, but that's not mine. Actually, someone used my cover and cd label to create this mockup. I didn't like the back cover btw looks cheap
  17. He's talking about that cover: But his instragam is private, so I think that's why wasn't embeded. There is a bunch of people tagging M with this image at instagram: Hopefully she see it and do something...
  18. That's really kind of you @@Enrico, thank you! Sooner or Later, I'm going to start selling those packages. I just need to organize everything first. ps: I don't like how I made the petals floating, there's too much of them, too big and too fake. lol I'm not a big fan.
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