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  1. Greenlook

    Since M14 (Madame X) is out now, the trip begins in a certain way again - Life is a circle. I am wondering what next step for Madonna would be possible: She has done almost everything... Disco, Subtropical sounds on M14, R'nB etc. Usually the grain for the next record lies in the record before. In a way I also see Madame X as a developpment from Rebel Heart, including the infulences she found in Lisbon. So, to cut a long story short, what could M15 sound like? Working with Mirwais/ Dean again? Going full pop or experimental?
  2. I like Maluma and Madonna's vibe. They fit together very well and I really like the vocal performance of Swae on Crave. Personally, I don't like Quavo as a character as well as the performance (in the song) and attitude he shows. But (without his part): Future is a song I really like.
  3. Greenlook

    No. 12, Bitch I am loca is probably from the same session/ period as "Medellin"... Maybe Mirwais is involved there as well?
  4. Greenlook

    Well, it's a developpment from Unapologetic Bitch. But better.
  5. Greenlook

    Was very "reserved" about Future before I heared it the first time. But I love it... its a fin song. I also see it more as an interlude, some kind of sound installation. To cut a long story short, I am surprised in a very positive way!
  6. Greenlook

    We can probably say, that Mirwais produced at least 7 songs (maybe even more). The rest was done by Billboard and Mike Dean.
  7. Greenlook

    I also saw, that "Back that up" is actually an old track from the sessions with Pharrell... but I guess he hasn't produced it this time around.
  8. Since we have all the song writing credits, I am also interested in getting to know the production credits. We only have (according to Wikipedia) the credits for four songs so far. Do we know more?
  9. Greenlook

    I agree, Mirwais is probably less gifted than Orbit. But IMHO the songs on MDNA from him weren't really as cutting edge as the ones on ROL. The problem with Orbit is, that he has worked with too many differnt artists over the years and thus produced and wrote more songs. Mirwais was more exclusive with his projects and maybe a bit more arty in the end. He even declined offers from Britney and Depeche Mode.
  10. Greenlook

    When I saw the tracklist, it reminded me of MDNA... Back then, she worked on about half of the songs with William Orbit again in order to give some depth to the record (it lacked in the end). I just hope that the same thing doesn't happen again with Mirwais this time. She pressed Orbit ten years ago into a shape that didn't suit him. I just hope thatt Mirwais production is stronger this time around. On the positove side, I can say: What we heared so far is better than MDNA.
  11. Greenlook

    Let's be honest: Most of us like Music (the album), since it had great singles and experimental songs on the record. At this point in time, it feels like she released "Amazing" as a preview treack. We wouldn't have been overwhelmed either and had at the same time still songs like "Paradise" to come. Re. the new record and the topic of "being experimental"/ working with Mirwais etc... I have the feeling, she kind of finished the record with Mirwais and was happy. Then she played the tracks to the record company and they complainted that it's not commercial enough/ radio friendly. Then she probably went back to the first songs she wrote for this project/ reused them and started working with Mike Dean, added Maluma and made it halfway commercial/ halfway experimental. She also kind of said that (in her own way) at the Billboard interview.
  12. Greenlook

    Reminds me of some songs from Lana del Reys last Album. But they were darker and more depressive.
  13. Greenlook

    Cool, I was worried, she just releases song with featurings. That would have sucked. And Killers is also a Mirwais track!
  14. Greenlook

    Question: Are the tracks she is going to release till mid June official singles, or just promo stuff? Are we going to get more official singles with proper music videos (like Medellin)?
  15. Greenlook

    Hmmmm, not soooo sure... I expect Mike Dean to be involved strongly as well as Diplo here and there. I am also wondering who reworked "Back that up to the beat".... surely not Pharrell again.