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  1. Since M14 (Madame X) is out now, the trip begins in a certain way again - Life is a circle. I am wondering what next step for Madonna would be possible: She has done almost everything... Disco, Subtropical sounds on M14, R'nB etc. Usually the grain for the next record lies in the record before. In a way I also see Madame X as a developpment from Rebel Heart, including the infulences she found in Lisbon. So, to cut a long story short, what could M15 sound like? Working with Mirwais/ Dean again? Going full pop or experimental?
  2. Didn't she also do something similar iwth Hung up or a Confessions song before its release?!
  3. Cool stuff in between. The Justify my Love and the Secret remix are great. The Kruder and Dorfmeister is one of my all time favourites. Many thanks I had known the Monsieur Adi remixes, they are really great work and catch a good mood. The problem I have with many Madonna remixes is, that they don't add a new element to the song. It's just a club version, nothing more. That's why I love the Kruder remix so much. I really like this remix:
  4. Since I am not sooo familiar with Madonnas entire single- collection, I would like to know, if you can recommend good remixes of Madonna songs, especially from the 80s/ 90s. I know most of them from the Music aera on, but unfortunatelly they don't convince me really. Maybe there are some hidden gems from the periods before that give us a 80s/90s NY feeling? Thanks in advance.
  5. I think we have to see a new perid in Madonnas work. As I understand/ see it, she is sick and tired of songwriting camps, losts of producers involved and pleasing the mainstream in order to increase the sales. I think Madonna made a cut and said, not anymore, bitch I am Madonna, I dont need this. As I see the Instagram feed and information we have, she is going back to her roots. Writing songs herself (maybe with the help of one person/ the producer) and being in the studio only with Mirwais, like she did in the past. I think she wants to deliver something of higher quality and that is more individual and artistic. Knoing Mirwais and also having spoken to Mr Spooner (from Fischerspooner) at an openig night, who has some insight into what Mirwais is doing right now, both are very political and are making something different (more artistic) this time. I have full truts in this project and believe, that Madonna and Mirwais are not sooo much interested in the main stream anymore and just want to make music they love and has a message.
  6. I dare to add songs prodced by him for his solo work as well as the YAS project to the list. Furthermore, I can really recommend the "Light my Fire" remix. Hollywood Mother and Father Paradise Impressive Instant I deserve it Future Lovers Nobody is perfect Coit me Naive Song Azza
  7. Mirwais and Orbit, they took her to another artistic level. She has never reached the same quality as with "Paradise..." and " Skin" since then. But I am sure there will be more interesting stuff to find if she works again with Mirwais. I also love "Secret Garden", but don't know the producer.
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