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  1. HampusFL

    I said it already in 2015, Avicii's more upbeat version of Rebel Heart, with a video of Madonna visiting the old locations for eg. the Borderline, Papa don't preach, La isla bonita etc. sets... maybe even Madonna looking at her old selves at those locations...
  2. Such utter nonsense...
  3. Was hoping that Madonna would be in the video... but can not watch it anyway... YouTube is nearly blocking everything in Denmark these days...also this video
  4. Yes I know... not a Madonna but a Dua Lipa song ;) as a Madonna fan I am mostly interested in it because of Madonna though... even if I have grown to like Dua Lipa...
  5. This mix... might not be the best song Madonna has released... I still find it pretty good....
  6. I like this version.... much better than anything on Madame X
  7. For me it is easy to hear it is Madonna singing... not sure why people think otherwise.
  8. Madonna is a regular person, just like the rest of us... a rich and powerful one...but non the less, a person and a flawed human being (as we all are).... she listens to other people and get affected by what she reads and hear... so she might be wrong about lots of things...just as the rest of us...but then her conclusions might be as right as the ones the rest of us makes... only time can show who is right and who is wrong when it comes to Corona.
  9. HampusFL

    If and when she does a tour again it should be a GH tour, to remind people of all the amazing hits she had during the last 40 years.
  10. Ha ha extremely hard to explain, there were just something very special about Madonna that made her stand out and made her connect with you...at that point in time she really was someone lots of us who were young looked up to and got inspired by... she was everywhere and was releasing a lot of singles... singles that all became huge hits... Personally I have never experienced another artists as Madonna... her impact in those years were huge.
  11. Having been around since the start... and eg. remember reading reviews of the first album...I have to choose end 84 and beginning 85...those were such magical days.
  12. AN ok song, but not hit material at all IMHO.
  13. HampusFL

    I thought it made Otto Von Wernherr sound like a first class producer