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  1. HampusFL

    Everything is a matter of opinion and taste, for me Madame X fast become one of here worst albums... think only MDNA is weaker IMHO. If by a comeback it is meant a return to the top of the charts and selling millions of records..I think it will be hard and maybe even impossible for her to achieve... but I also feel a dance/disco pop album might do it.
  2. Don't really use pop-stars as wallpaper on my phone... the only one I have used was a photo I took of a Madonna commercial hanging on a wall in Poznan Poland :-)
  3. Queen and Avicii's version of Rebel heart.
  4. Would say the number of videos released.
  5. HampusFL

    I loved Hard Candy and enjoyed the S&S tour very much... but know that a lot of people were not into that period... I will most likely always be following Madonna, but in some ways it takes more to keep my interest high that it used to... still I am here and a fan as I have always been.
  6. HampusFL

    Personally I am a bit bored with her at this time... think Madam X really fast became uninteresting for me... but well been a fan and followed her for about 35 years... there will always be periods when the interest is not as large as in other periods.
  7. HampusFL

    Nope, there is no way I could work for Madonna...
  8. HampusFL

    To little vocals in these mixes for my liking.. I do play it on our local radio though as can be seen in my signature.
  9. We will see, but I personally do not believe that this will happen.. not at all in Madonna's style to release such a deluxe version of an old album...
  10. I hope not, but I have a strange feeling now that it might be her last real studio album... but I guess we will know in time.
  11. Half a year ago I was hoping she would go to Berlin...then I would had traveled there to see her... now I kind of lost interest in seeing this tour so strange, been wanting a new Madonna concert for ages... since the amazing RH tour
  12. HampusFL

    Personally I am not sure that controversy hurt her... well apart from in the US and some very religious countries... what hurt the sale of her music was really time and new generations... times pass, new generations get new idols... no-one stays on top forever... Madonna has been around for a very long time... most other artists have not had that long and strong a career as her... I'm sure that some of the controversies have rather help her create interest instead of hurting her.
  13. Both are great pop songs, but my fave is Give It 2 Me.
  14. I never listen to radio but I do play her in my own local little radio show once in a while.
  15. A radio edit of the song with a little more disco could have worked.. as it is God control is not radio-friendly enough to become a hit. In fact after about half a year of listening... I think Madame X is the one of her albums with least hit material... For me Crave is the most hit sounding song....With a stunning video I think I rise could had been a good first single or maybe I don't search I find.