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  1. No need to listen to the negative, post the info you are able to share.... it is appreciated and not your fault if things are changed...
  2. It is technology and the fact that you get much closer to her now than in the old days... but were the Madonna that you used to get inspired of in the old days... all of Madonna, or just the fraction you focused on because of a limit access to her as a person and her music? Madonna has always been a lot of things, and back in the days we all focused on the parts of her that we could connect with.. with social media... we get everything thrown in the face on a daily basis... I do not think Madonna as a person has changed, I think that the fact that we see much more to her has changed the way we see her..
  3. This song was a huge hit when I was born... Have no pictures from when Madonna was 7-8 years old.
  4. Why should I need to protect my desire to bully... apart from not agreeing with you... I would love for you to show me where I am really bullying anyone on this forum.. start with Madonna... You do not need to talk about peoples look to be a bully, your constant talk about people being bitter, telling them to move on, find different female artists etc... is no-matter what you say a form of bullying... and it is exactly what made me react to your posts... Stop pretending that you are the leading-fan and stop telling people who you do not agree with to move on...
  5. First I personally never talk about Madonna in a humiliating way.. I am nearly as old as Madonna... so I have no problem with her age.. I also do not bitch about her using Photoshop... a lot of people do... not my problem... secondly do you expect people to shut up just because you want them to shut up? you do not realizing that fighting people and telling them to shut up will just make them keep on, even louder?
  6. Do you really not see that for other people you come across just as the people you are complaining about?
  7. 1... Please do find the posts where I have been writing negatively about Madonna's looks... I tend to write posts about letting people have their opinions... the same goes for you... you are allowed to say what you want... no matter how wrong you are and how bad it makes you look. 2. Nope, you are one of the people who attack other members of the forum, who do not agree with you... you are in spite of you glorifying yourself a huge part of the problem. Maybe realize that what you give is what you get... when you throw "move on" in the head of eg. me you get exactly the same back! When you claim that "you"(I) have been writing nasty posts about her look for 10 years... you must really prove that with posts where I dish her look... so I am waiting. 3. The joke was not even about Madonna... but about asking a question like this in exactly this thread.. but as the fanatic over-hyped fan you are... you of course fail to see that.... your problem... now I guess the best would be if you put me on your ignore list...
  8. Yep, if you do not like a joke aimed at a post on this forum... you might just follow your own advice and move on instead of trying to make a huge discussion out of it...
  9. Yep, she will not reach the masses without social media these days... no way that Madonna will leave social-medias... and even if I do not like a lot of what I see here.. from her social media sites.. I also do not think she should get off social media... she is not here to do as fans say... but to do as she likes or want... if we agree or not is really not important...
  10. I'm pretty sure that the Madonna of the past would not like posts on social media.... but I kind of think she for sure would now....
  11. Well you are at the same time talking about Madonna's response... so things get a bit mixed up... why is it important what someone on a forum say? Madonna is not taking part in the conversations on fan-forums... to be honest... negativity is best handled with "no response"... if you tell people.. who do not like something.. that they should fuck off... you just get them more engaged in the negativity and there is no way that they will let you decide what they should or should not do... Let people have their opinions... if they become to annoying block them or report them to the admins of the site... telling them to fuck off because you do not agree with them... is not the solution to anything.
  12. Most of the "haters" on social media are not fans... social medias always attract a lot of negativity and "bullying"... that will not change even if the fans who do not like what she is doing now leaves...
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