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  1. For me her weakest album, a few great songs though.
  2. What did you hope to gain with your answers in this thread??
  3. The best version so far, but it is getting a little boring with those Frozen versions
  4. Mother of creation with bugs crawling out the pussy.... not for me... even if it did make me laugh looking at those clips
  5. No interest in her tits... so not a big chance I would subscribe her on only fans. I hardly ever look at her Instagram... to boring for my taste... and every post get posted here anyway
  6. A slipmat at least used to be something you put on the vinyl-player to protect the vinyl records... so I am guessing that it in this case is something made of fabric that you place on the vinyl-player to protect the record... maybe with a print of the album cover or similar... like this one for David Bowie
  7. Locally stored files... never listen to vinyls...and I have a lot of them.... CDs I only listen to in the car.
  8. I would personally had preferred something with more rare, new or unreleased mixes... but I still find it a great compilation for the general population to remember what a great artist Madonna is and how many great classic pop songs that she does have...
  9. More likely Frozen, the Sickick and Maluma version 2 minutes of heaven
  10. To be honest we all do a shitload of things that are not "the best for us"... Madonna does what she wants to do... but that does not mean that it is the best for her.. but it is her choice... and she is free to do whatever she wants.
  11. Not the best look and some mistakes... but still way better than I was expecting.... I enjoyed the performances... nice seeing Madonna up and singing and dancing
  12. Thank you for keeping the forum alive :-)
  13. Love the video with David, so sweet and very nice choice of song...
  14. Personally I think it is great that Kylie is giving the fans what they want... as someone who had followed her since 1988... I still enjoy her music a lot.
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