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  1. Ha ha true, but I imagine Madonna doing it in a Live to tell kind of way... she can of course not do it like Tori, but then a cover version if mostly interesting if it is different than the original ;-)
  2. 01) This used to be my playground 02) Gambler 03) Open your heart 04) Deeper and deeper 05) Little Star 06) Music 07) Hung up 08) Winter (Tori Amos song)
  3. Ha ha Madonna is not much older than me she is welcome to dress and look just the way she wants to dress and look... does however not mean that I need to find all her looks sexy.... I am not a fan because she is sexy... but because of her music, talent and what she has meant in my life ;-)
  4. I do not think about it... Madonna decides when and how that will happen... I am just here for the ride... have been following her since 1985, and will be here until the end...
  5. Ha ha good for Madonna that she is doing what she wants to do... but personally it is a no from me... nothing sexy about those pictures...
  6. HampusFL

    The Weeknd

    It was just ok... the sound was not great and his voice mostly sounded rather flat... not a great show.
  7. Eurotix and their new EP, Love takes me higher... Dennis who is the lead singer of the band used to be a member here, but rarely posted, but I'm not sure that he ever returned after the forum was taken offline a year and a half ago.
  8. Might really depend on the environment you grew up in and lived in back then... I was born in 1966, and I am pretty sure that everyone here knew about Madonna (In Denmark)... I even knew about her before she became famous... remember reading reviews of her first album... stating that it was great, but that it most likely would get ignored... what it in fact was until Like a virgin.
  9. Looks great, been decades since I have played monopoly... but this version is cool.
  10. Because I was young when Madonna started out and she was amazing... so different to everyone else... and because I still love most of her music...
  11. I'm 54, became a fan at the very end of 1984 or the beginning of 1985... knew about her from when the first album was released though...
  12. Well of course I know that... just as I know that it is nearly 30 years since Dire Straits released a new studio album... there is bound to be lots of people who have not got a clue who they are just as there of course are people who do not know who Madonna is
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