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  1. Personally I never heard about Barcelona Gold, here it in Denmark it for sure was promoted as being from the film "A League of Their Own"
  2. I understand that... and I am pretty sure that some western countries are censoring records... just giving my input on how I understand an edit... beased on my experiences where I live... and when I said to ShantiAshtangi that I agree... it was about my experience with edits where I live... not about ceonsorship in the western countires... as consorship does happen everywhere... and as said playlists is an exptemely good way of doing cnesorship and sorting records with the wrong words, the wrong message etc out... and lots of that happening everywhere all the time.
  3. I know that... but that is also very much connected to where you live... The US have censored records like that for decades... eg with George Michael's "I want your sex"... but not every country does it or have done it like the US... That is not how I understand an edit... but again that is very much connected with where I live...
  4. I agree, for me edits are not cencored versions.. but sortned versions...but might really depend on where you live.. At my local radio we can play whatever we want... but that is mostly because we are a small non-comercial radio station... the larger radiostations have playlists... and that is of course also a kind of censorship..
  5. Nope he wrote it, but you are the one making assumptions about his attitude towards Madonna and her work based on the fact that he is writing about one aspect of her career...and lets be honest Madonna has always been an extremely sexual human being.. and have always used sex in her videos, preformances etc.. why does it piss you that much of that he is writing about it??
  6. Well you are clearly putting your own twist on what he wrote, saying that Madonna has used sex to sell for her entire career... does not mean that it is the only thing she has done...
  7. Been doing volunteer local radio for ages... I love edits... as I can play more songs...so boring to sit in the studio and wait for 7+ minuts songs to end
  8. Music is music... I see nothing wrong in fun pop songs... Madonna has a great deal of them... and when I make my own playlists I constaly place fun pop songs next to songs with deep lyrics... For me one sided is boring... I need a mix of things... a mix of deep songs and nonsens songs, a mix of pop, rock, dance, disco etc.. etc...
  9. Nice song, but never really consideret it one of my fave Madonna songs... not even in my Madonna top 100
  10. Both are still better than Madame X
  11. Could have been great... but a bit to repetitativ for my taste...
  12. Sounds like something any fan could have come up with in 5 minutes... most likely the real stuff
  13. Warning Signs and Desperately Seeking Susan, but in general any early songs in high quality.
  14. I liked it when it was released...but grew tired of it fast...for me her worst album.
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