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  1. Your opinion... for me it is her worst album... slightly better than her work with Otto von Werner, but still not very good... and I really wanted to love it
  2. Problem here is that you are getting your own desires and wishes for life mixed up with Madonna's... so what if Madonna has no desires for the life you consider "perfect"? she is old enough to decide how she wants to live her life... she does not need random fans to tell her how to do it!
  3. It is very easy to trash someone and something... the problem is really..what does it bring to the world that we trash Madonna (and others) for not doing as we want them to? I have been all for free speech and everyone saying what they want to say... but at some point it just get annoying and draining to wittiness all the negativity... so you or others do not agree with Madonna... well no-matter the amount of negativity people spew on a Madonna forum... social media etc... she is not going to change and become as they wants her to be... Even if we do not agree with Madonna's choices, in what way do they hurt anyone else than herself? We all have the right to say how we feel like, but we all also have the right to think about the things we say and write... What does the constant amount of negativity directed at eg. Madonna bring of positivity to the world?
  4. Again might depend on where you live... I never heard a word about it here... everyone loved the album... Our local towns radio even tested non-singles like "Promise to try" on their listeners hit-list...reaching number 1...
  5. To be honest I remember Like a prayer as being at least as huge as her other albums... if not bigger.... but might depend on where you lived... here it for sure was huge, and also very acclaimed for being pretty much deeper than her earlier albums...
  6. As long as Madonna is happy about it ...that is all that matters... she does not need our blessings to chose a boyfriend, lover or whatever she wants...
  7. Try saying something nasty to the ones being most vile in their description of eg. Madonna (or anyone else)... and they will scream like you have stabbed them... problem is that everyone feel that they have the right to talk negatively and degrading about everyone else... but if someone else say similar things about them... they are being bullied and will not stand for it... what the world needs is kindness and empathy... not knowing that you find someone else nasty looking... what is that going to change... and what is that going to improve...
  8. Chic was amazing, especially Le Freak was a major hit everywhere.
  9. The original is amazing... the new remix is not as good... but I still enjoy the remix.. and for sure my fave or the recent remixes...
  10. Well she died ages ago... it was back in the 1980s she said that a lot ;-)
  11. I know I asked for a longer version... but out of the two versions out I much prefer the short version.... for me it seems like the cut the good parts out of the long version to make the short edit.
  12. Ha ha why do I get images in my head of my late granny complaining about modern music sounding like a carpet being hit by a device like this .... when reading your post .
  13. No brows, and makeup that make her look shiny pale white in the very dark surroundings... is the main reason that she looks "weird"... I personally do not like the hairstyle much... but my husband disagreed with me about that... thought the hair was amazing and very interesting looking...so again taste is personal... One thing that is sure though... is that once the masses get told that you are ugly... they will gang up on you... and enjoy to tell you that you are hideous ugly...
  14. I quite like the mix... would have loved it to be longer and with more vocals... but I do enjoy listening to it.
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