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  1. Stary człowiek

    1) Medellín 2) Ciao Bella (promo single) 3) Faz Gosto 4) Crave 5) Batuka (Promo single) 6) God controle 7) I Don't Search I Find
  2. Stary człowiek

    Not sure it is a great thing to start a hype about something... only to change your plans... very strange strategy,
  3. Do not worry about Barbara.. just ignore her.
  4. One could say "of course a problem for those who want it to be a problem"... again as someone who followed MJ for about 40 years, went to his concerts and even collected signatures from people to send to him to show support when the child-abuse case(s) first broke in the 90s... I do not see it as a problem....
  5. Nah there is a lot of dead musicians that she did not include in the song...and as someone who used to be a huge MJ fan, and who were a fan of MJ even before I started listening to Madonna I really do not see a problem in her not including him in the song.
  6. Ha, ha not sure any fans listen to music because of reviews... however pretty sure that a lot of us care about how well our fave artists score in reviews... Anyway reviews are not really for the fans but for the general public, and is a way of promoting the album and generating interest for the music among the masses. And to be honest I do listen to a lot of music based on what other people say about it, both on forums, in articles etc... because I have to know about the music to be able to listen and the knowledge about both the music and the artists has to come somewhere from.
  7. Stary człowiek

    What show did people see... she did not come across as cold and rude to me!
  8. And you do not know that Bruce Springsteen's album also was available to download on the net before the release date?
  9. Stary człowiek

    Ha, ha you are right... but I care more than I thought I would I get so pissed because of the nasty articles and peoples even more nasty commends to them
  10. You are right but it is still sickening when you see how many people respond to the reviews with a yes I agree - she is over, she never had talent, she should stop etc. etc... WTF there is a lot of artists that I do not like or find interesting.. I have no need for them to stop making music
  11. I agree a 100%. I do not doubt that a lot of the most negative reviewers had a negative opinion even before hearing the music... and that if Madonna had released Like a prayer, Hung up etc. today they reviews would had been just as negative. Male rock artists of a certain age are looked upon very differently than pop-artists of any age.
  12. I kind of agree especially songs like Dark Ballet needs some getting used to... but I personally think both Medellin and Crave are quite catchy and radio-friendly songs...
  13. Love the album... now I just need some more remixes and videos hope she'll not stop promoting the album because she goes on tour...
  14. I have seen at least 6 or 7 really horrible reviews.. more or less stating that she is over, embarrassingly bad and should stop
  15. Yes, there are some incredible horrible reviews this time around... I wonder if people hear the same music as me...or they just set out to be negative about it before they even hear a note of it all.