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  1. I am getting the 6LP set and that is it. I only buy vinyls for playing so I don’t need many copies of the same thing and I haven’t played a CD since 2011.
  2. It’s confirmed and it’s been re-titled ‘Hold Me Closer.’ I would assume it’s a dance version like the Dua one but I guess we’ll see.
  3. Nah I don’t sorry. Im not sure but I think they only released it on SoundCloud or something.
  4. My friend was at the taping. I have just asked her again and yes it is true. The photo came up and she said she was the only one still alive in the photo. Then she said (about Diana) “oh I thought she was dead.” Apparently she also told Sheryl Crow she will be dead next. On top of that she didn’t know who Ian McKellen was. At some point she sat on Tamwars lap. Dont shoot the messenger A lot of London fans were at the taping though so it didn’t come from one person.
  5. Yes she did. I cannot remember if I saw a video or if it was a fan report from someone in attendance. But I remember discussing it online before the show aired.
  6. Nobody posts unflattering pics of themselves on Instagram though. I’m not saying it’s the best practise but it’s no different to how regular people use the platform. Even young kids digitally enhance the way they look online. Those few times she’s done it she’s been crucified by her fans. Some of them are simply angered by her perceived imperfections, it’s like a mirror up to themselves.
  7. Can’t believe Madonna’s “weight gain” is being dissected. She looks healthy to me. And happier these days. Gay men especially need to move on from this expectation that everybody must be ripped like a Calvin Klein model in order to be worthy of existence. It’s important to be healthy yes but there are more things to life than the gym and torsos. Sometimes it’s healthier for your mental health to let go and live a little too especially at Madonna’s point in life. Some fans really are just projecting their insecurities about themselves onto Madonna a lot of the time I think.
  8. It wasn’t officially released that’s why you missed it
  9. I would be here for a new remix also, Honey Dijon would be a good choice as a remixer. Keep the original vibe but with a modern twist. Like what they did with their Erotica remix. And NO new vocals or guests features.
  10. OH. I would love merch with the original artwork. No ugly “current” logos please though. Just that amazing design.
  11. Digital EP for sure. A re-release of the original 12” would be amazing!
  12. She did the same thing on Graham Norton a few years back when she said she thought Diana Ross was dead. They edited it out of the broadcast. I think her humour and perspective on death is different to most peoples. It may have come across as insensitive but I don’t think she meant it that way. Perhaps she is used to being around people that get her humour or are accustomed to it.
  13. WELL either way I find the negative comments boring at this point. Of course with a performance or new song we are going to have critiques but when it’s critiquing her face or body from her fans it’s a downer to scroll through. I think it’s obvious she wants to dress kooky and defy convention, that’s just who she is these days. The grillz we’ve had a decade of and people are still moaning about it. It’s as if fans want her to conform to societal norms of how a “normal” woman her age should dress and act. They always make the claim that that’s not what it comes down to but really what else can it be?
  14. She said in the interview she has bad teeth. I don't see it personally. Unless she means the bottom ones but that isnt noticeable.
  15. Very fun interview! I don't get why the comments on YouTube are so positive and then you come here and read endless moaning. Weird.
  16. Same. I bet that’s what happened. And I’ve noticed her bottom teeth are crooked as well which indicates the same thing happened to her bottom teeth.
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