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  1. Take A Bow is stunning! Everything about it is so beautiful and well done. The story really invites you in.
  2. It's definitely a difficult song to perform live. I'd say Oprah and Live 8 were my favorites.
  3. Yes! Exactly. I find myself saying that all the time when people talk about Madonna retiring. I think that she's not all hype. Our forum would not exist if there were not a lot of people from so many different places who are fans of hers. The general public seems to dislike Madonna. At this point, I don't think there's anything any of us can do to change their minds. And, they say that hype stuff about a lot of legendary artists. You're always going to have critics.
  4. Hung Up was the first song I liked of hers and one of the first I remember hearing. The song that made me the fan I am was a mix of Express Yourself and Bad Girl. Express Yourself was catchy and empowering. Bad Girl was beautiful and the music video was amazing. Both songs made me want to see more of her discography.
  5. Living for Love vs. Girl Gone Wild Devil Pray vs. Gang Bang Ghosttown vs. I'm Addicted Unapologetic Bitch vs. Turn Up The Radio Illuminati vs. Give Me All Your Luvin' Bitch I'm Madonna vs. Some Girls Hold Tight vs. Superstar Joan of Arc vs. I Don't Give A Iconic vs. I'm A Sinner HeartBreakCity vs. Love Spent Body Shop vs. Masterpiece Holy Water vs. Falling Free Inside Out vs. Beautiful Killer Wash All Over Me vs. I Fucked Up Best Night vs. B-Day Song Veni Vidi Vici vs. Best Friend S.E.X. vs. Give Me All Your Luvin' (Party Rock Remix)
  6. I love the idea, love the concept behind it. I really liked that Madame X represented so many things and liked the album as well, but I think with all the touring and the injury she suffered, the era just didn't go entirely as she had intended it to. But, I still enjoyed it anyway and I'm looking forward to seeing what's next.
  7. I like the Confessions disco house idea. Maybe a 70's roller skating rink, too? Some other ideas that just came to me are a Re-Invention Tour conveyor belt, a Vogue black and white video set, a Hard Candy-themed snack stand and a Who's That Girl themed roller-coaster centered around the animation of Nikki from the opening sequence.
  8. She definitely deserves it! She was so influential in the 80's. Even now, she will always be remembered for her lace, messy hair and boy toy belt. She's helped so many people find the strength to be themselves.
  9. So interesting! It's one of her most unique, aesthetically pleasing covers by far! I love how almost everything she does is symbolic of her experiences, her life.
  10. Another great Madonna decade! -Sorry -Don't Tell Me -Love Profusion -Hung Up -Music
  11. There are so many great ones, but here's my top 5: -Secret -Erotica -Frozen -Nothing Really Matters -Take A Bow The 90's are my fave Madonna decade. She put out some of her best work.
  12. Immaculate Collection because it's just amazing. I feel like her 80's hits are very vacation-y.
  13. I think, as a lot of other people who have posted have said, that Madonna has just changed. She's always changing. I think that's what makes her so fascinating. After she married Sean, a lot of people began to come out and call her obnoxious and many other celebrities said in interviews that she did come off as mean. That would go on for years. But, she slowly evolved into ROL Madonna, who was very wise, spiritual and self-aware, and part of that was because of Lola's birth. Then, after Guy, she became English Madonna, and part of that was, I think, to make him happy. Once the marriage ended, it obviously became clear to her that she didn't have to try to please him anymore because things were over and she was probably also angry, so she rebelled against that image, which in turn, gave us MDNA Madonna and current Madonna. I think she's still rebelling against that image of the perfect wife, of the prim, proper woman. A lot of people want women of her age to settle down, be married and be quiet. She doesn't want to do any of that and she wants to be loud about it. She wants to keep up with the trends, make new music and just have a good time like a young person would. I think she's compensating for all those years of being married to Guy, where she was obviously very different. Divorces are hard, break ups are hard. We all have events that shape us and change us. Obviously, I could be wrong about everything I just wrote because I don't actually know her, but that's what I think. She always changes.
  14. In no particular order... -Like A Prayer -La Isla Bonita -Papa Don't Preach -Express Yourself -Live to Tell
  15. Open Your Heart while shopping. Previously when I was in that same store I heard Take A Bow.
  16. Ray of Light is my personal favorite. It’s so influential, unique, cohesive and deep. It was the album/era that really pulled me into wanting to listen the rest of her discography. Such a beautiful album. COADF is great and it had songs that were very popular when I was growing up. LAP is one of those albums that I respect because I know it has a lot of meaning to other fans, but it’s just one that I never really got into myself.
  17. Agreed. I have heard great things about Desperately Seeking Susan, so I am excited. Body of Evidence is intriguing to me because of the controversy and it being around the time of the Erotica era.
  18. I actually do like her acting. I think that there are worse actors out there and she has had some roles that suited her. She really wanted to be Evita and she really put her whole self into that project and it definitely shows. Although I would've liked to have had a bit more dialogue in the film, I really enjoyed it. I think she did a great job. League Of Their Own was another role that was perfect for her. She was funny, convincing and the movie was very likeable. Who's That Girl was fun. It's obviously not a cinematic masterpiece. She did a good job being very campy, exaggerated. There are a couple films of hers that I have yet to see that I really want to, which are Desperately Seeking Susan and Body of Evidence. I just haven't had the opportunity to see them. Maybe I'll come back to post once I watch them. I really admire the fact that when Madonna wants to do something, she does it. She wanted to act, so she acted. When you want to try everything, you're bound to find some things that you're not the best at, but you make the most of it and I think that's what she's always done.
  19. https://www.forbes.com/sites/hughmcintyre/2020/01/26/grammy-award-winners-2020-full-list-updating-live/#4b2e566e4ccb She won! Amazing! Congratulations to Tracy!
  20. "A lot of people are afraid to say what they want. That's why they don't get what they want." "I hate people who hate women. Actually, I hate people who hate!" "I know I'm not the best singer and I know I'm not the best dancer, but I'm not interested in that. I'm interested in pushing people's buttons, in being provocative and in being political."
  21. I have also heard that a lot of these quotes are fake as well. But, it is still a shame that Madonna and Mariah weren't recognized. I think it has more to do with them not being young, new artists. They're just not even in the conversation anymore when it comes to the mainstream.
  22. My favorite is Bad Girl. It's so haunting and so beautiful. It always pulls me in and makes me feel like I'm a part of the story. It also has an amazing music video. My other favorites are Candy Perfume Girl, Mer Girl and What It Feels Like For A Girl.
  23. Haha! Madonna definitely helped inspire the girl power movement.
  24. I never really got into this song until about a year ago when I started hearing it on my local retro radio station more frequently and I fell in love with its campy vibes. For a long time, Madonna really didn't like being associated with this song, so I learnt to not take it seriously. It's obviously an exaggeration/dramatization. I also like how she reclaimed the name "Material Girl" later on. To me, it's a very fun song and it's definitely very iconic.
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