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  1. FYI - Someone is selling one on eBay (for $14,000 USD ) But the cool thing with the listing is it shows photos of the letter that was included as well as the signed photo from Madonna. https://www.ebay.com/itm/203715719654?hash=item2f6e6731e6:g:gyoAAOSw9LVhnpxw
  2. Hearing nothing planned for this Friday. Not sure beyond that. I still say the next upscaled video to be released will be True Blue on 17-Sep.
  3. When I visited the Warner office a few years ago, they had the proof, framed....hanging on a wall. Took a quick snap. If you zoom in, you can see some of the notes.
  4. And hopefully those events start before 2am
  5. Hearing something to be announced today.
  6. Doh! I forgot that they released it as a separate HD video. Thanks for pointing it out.
  7. I was thinking the same thing....but I don't think they're that smart........it's just laziness on Emily's part. I also think this will be the next wave of videos: Music 21-Aug True Blue 17-Sep Oh Father 24-Oct Justify My Love 06-Nov Open Your Heart 19-Nov Dear Jessie 04-Dec Take A Bow 06-Dec
  8. "Cherish was from the Bedtime Storieees album.....right? *hicup*. I make the font look real pretty for Madunna" -Emily - Sunday AM - 8/1/21
  9. FYI - Emily's bender is over and she's back in the office! Hearing something is in the works.
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