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  1. Quiet Storm

    The Vogue section alone is one of my most favorite performances! Everything was perfect, from the wardrobe to the set design.
  2. Quiet Storm

    First and foremost, NO MORE RAPPERS! lol
  3. Quiet Storm

    The Devil Wears Prada Troop Beverly Hills The Parent Trap (1998) Last Holiday The Bodyguard T'was the Night (Disney Christmas Movie) Pretty Woman Home Alone Home Alone 2 Monster In Law
  4. Quiet Storm

    First and foremost, I respect Madonna's artistry, she is indeed one of the greatest entertainers and my personal top 3 favorite artist (tied with Kylie Minogue). With that being said, out of all her albums, Madame X is my least favorite. The only songs I really love are God Control and I Don't Search I Find (which is not surprising because they're both dance numbers I like Ciao Bella also, just wish it was more of her. I'm not disappointed at all because there's plenty of Madonna music I love, and at this point she has a right to record whatever makes her happy
  5. Quiet Storm

    God Control and I Don't Search I Find are more my style