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  1. Poor Morgan.. Madonnas not taking the bait so he has to hire someone to fight this fight she doesnt even want or care about. No wonder hes a Trump defender.💩
  2. Shes honest but then again if youre not into a kind of music under what sort of authority can you pass judgement? Its like me going to an Eminem concert and moan about the music because i dont like hip hop. When she was pulling all those faces simply because she doesn't get the music reminded me of my mothers face when i was playing Bassline 😂. When she gave that look when they showed Quavo i just couldnt take it. 🙄This woman knows nothing about todays music! Even her cat was telling her to shut up at some point. 😂
  3. Truth is Madonna is not happy with the state of the world. I dont want to go on and on about whats happening out there because it would be very foolish to believe things are great but as a long time fan i have seen Madonna speaking out against some political powers for as long as i can remember. Sometimes she’s subtle you can barely notice and sometimes shes so ferocious and out there that commands everybodys attention. This is where Madonna is at right now. Her new album is very political ( according to the Vogue article). It goes as follows: Medellín will open the album with a care free, loved up song and then it falls straight into Dark Ballet ( “i want to talk about love and loneliness but its getting late now”) paving the way for a number of social-political songs. Madonnas not a stupid woman. She has also many connections in high places. She knows things better change soon if not something far more worse and sinister is going to happen. Shes using her immense fame to send a message. She doesnt care about her “singing career”. She doesnt want the accolades and praise. If she was interested in them she would have sung Holiday at the Eurovision and released a poppy carefree album about love and loneliness like most artists out there. As a fan i accepted that long time ago. Thats why i dont understand the fans who still cant get it.
  4. She sounds like the live audio from the audience not the televised version.
  5. Why didnt she comment on Future though? Oh i know why... because she sang much better then so lets always focus on the negative, love 😘 ps The part when she says im not ageist but... sounds exactly like when people say Im not racist but... Whatever
  6. I love you ♥️🙏🏽
  7. You seem to appreciate the message so why carry on on the defensive? Nobodys attacking you or you opinions. I just dont understand your need to go on and on about it. Thats what i meant by “Blindsided Ego”.... nothing to do with your dislike of M at the minute. I was trying to give you the alternative of at least appreciate the message which i think you do so why still bitter? ❤️
  8. This is why people are not waking up. Youre way too involved and obsessed with your own blindsided ego that you cant possibly get it. Anyway... love yourself, man. #peace
  9. This! Thank you 🙏🏽
  10. Dont shut the door on your way out then. We dont need all this poison here. Theres more than enough out there already. You think by going on and on about how bad she is is going to change peoples mind about M on here? Oh yes she was atrocious. Happy now?
  11. The thing wasnt a disaster at all. She fucked up LAP in parts but Future was great and since we have become a society of moaners then everything has to be based on the negative side. I feel for the state of humanity if people cant even see that.
  12. RayOfLight

    I love him. Been a big fan of Migos long before M laid her eyes on them. lol Then again i tend to listen to a lot of urban music.
  13. https://www.nme.com/blogs/madonna-crave-swae-lee-madame-x-track-review-2486323
  14. I wasnt talking about you or people who are into this sort of things for a reason or another. I was talking about whats happening today. Sorry ❌
  15. I really dont care about artwork. Nobody does actually. I think it used to be important when people were buying physical copies. It made sense that you wanted to have a nice picture on the front but honestly when was the last time people can actually recall what was on the cover of major hits or albums? I think people have moved on from this kind of things because of the digital world.