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  1. RayOfLight

    I also think that we are living in a world where people are so used to the drama and the negative spin that anything gets dissected and analysed to the point of taking away the essence of it. And people do that to create more drama and grab attention for themselves. I have always loved that sentence of Jesus when he said “who's not against me hes for me” or something like that... as to say we are all intelligent enough to understand who stands by us and who doesnt. But we are so intoxicated with the drama and negativity that we cant possibly think we are all in the same boat after all and truly some people really want to help. So we have some celebrity like Alyssa Milano who basically says “I am one of you” and peeps go “How could you? Youre not me. Shut up!” To me thats perplexing cuz i would never take offence if someones using my name for the greater good or to bring awareness to a problem but unfortunately now we are so intellectually entitled that we would attack anyone just to score points and create more divisions. Some years ago i went to a march commemorating the Holocaust and i was wearing a t shirt saying I Am Jew and nobody gave me grief. The jews at the march were so kind and nice to me... they were saying how grateful they were for people like me. I thought it was all bless. Now people would most likely throw rocks at me listening to some of you...😂
  2. RayOfLight

    Which minority have i attacked now? You guys need to chill a bit ❌
  3. RayOfLight

    First off im not attacking anyone here. Im just expressing myself which is: (sorry if i repeat myself again) i do get what she means in that song. Saying that i also get why some peeps find those lyrics a bit too much to stomach and thats fine. We are not the same after all. I can look at a painting and get the sense of it and some other people look at the same painting and feel completely different. Its just a matter of taste and understanding. Can we please move on? Honestly i never in a million years thought i was going to pick up a fight with you, fighter lol. I just think we should just agree to disagree and leave it to it. ❤️
  4. RayOfLight

    By going to help minorities groups everyday. These people need actions and help from our government NOT fancy words on the computer.
  5. RayOfLight

    I wonder if people were outraged when she did Spanish Eyes and imagined herself as a woman desperately praying for her man to be safe in the streets ruled by violence and gangs? How dare she talk about gang violence?! Shes never been in one and shes not Spanish. She shouldnt have used the word Spanish. Then again she did La Isla Bonita and she is not Latin 🙄. I also wonder if people were outraged when she released the Secret video... shes white in Harlem. Was that a bit insensitive?🙄 I know she did get some slack for playing Evita though. The Argentines were outraged 😂
  6. RayOfLight

    Madonna wasnt saying such a thing. All she is saying in this song is this: i take a stand to feel one with a minority group if it gets attacked. So if you attack Islam or Israel or Native Indians she feels as if youre attacking her. Its a radical way to respond to all this anti minorities feelings sweeping all over the world at the moment. I can totally relate to what she says because i was raised as a Christian and i was taught to look after the least amongst us. This song comes across as a call to empathy, to stand by the people who need our help the most. Of course it creates controversy because those values are slowly but surely dying so people would rather dissect the lyrics and turn it into some outrage instead of focusing on the real issue.
  7. RayOfLight

    Why are you being so bitchy about it? Whats wrong in your life? Is something bothering you? And i still dont agree with you.. coffee or no coffe. Move on, please.♥️
  8. RayOfLight

    The word Indian is racist now? 🙄 I am an activist so whatever you think of me is rather irrelevant. Im not defending Madonna. I dont need to. And i dont care to either. All im saying is i do understand what she means. Maybe you dont. And its fine... we are not all the same after all.
  9. RayOfLight

    Solution is love. Start now ♥️🙏🏽
  10. RayOfLight

    But only when we do just that we can actually change our societies. What would all these minority groups do without the actual citizens of a particular country fighting for them and their rights? Cant you see that we do need to take their problems as our own to fight for their rights. The world is going shit because there so much indifference to other people’s ( minorities) problems so yes i do understand exactly what Madonna means. What about immigrants in Italy for example? They get discriminated everyday but the Italian people don't care.. they don't see those struggles as their own so they're rather vote for a fascistic regime than feeling empathy for the marginalised and unwanted. People truly need to wake up.
  11. RayOfLight

    The Telegraph is a far right newspaper. They hate Madonna and since this record is very political in parts there’s no chance they were going to give it a fair review. Theyre biased just like their newspaper.
  12. RayOfLight

    Its about empathy. Have you ever heard of it? Try it. I was taught to treat others as i would like to be treated. Thats what she meant basically. Lyrics can be extreme because its like poetry. I know the world is currently fucked up with ideas of hate and divisions more popular than ever but that doesn't mean we have to become completely complacent and forget about the people who are getting discriminated and bullied and put down on a regular basic. Love and empathy is key.
  13. RayOfLight

    What did she say? Usually mix tapes are something hip hop artists do. Theyre not albums; just tracks artists think theyre good enough to put out there for fans. An EDM mix tape would be cool. Dont know how she would distribute that.. maybe a Spotify exclusive? She did have the mixtape thing on her instagram. I thought she was trolling because a lot of fans didnt like it when she was working with Mike Dean for the album.
  14. Poor Morgan.. Madonnas not taking the bait so he has to hire someone to fight this fight she doesnt even want or care about. No wonder hes a Trump defender.💩
  15. Shes honest but then again if youre not into a kind of music under what sort of authority can you pass judgement? Its like me going to an Eminem concert and moan about the music because i dont like hip hop. When she was pulling all those faces simply because she doesn't get the music reminded me of my mothers face when i was playing Bassline 😂. When she gave that look when they showed Quavo i just couldnt take it. 🙄This woman knows nothing about todays music! Even her cat was telling her to shut up at some point. 😂