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  1. But she also wrote "jk" which means "just kidding", right ? I don’t wanna get my hopes up...
  2. I'm not saying they don't need to know where we are located, of course they need too. But it's just for the taxes and stuff like that! DVDs and Blu Rays are not always region specific. In fact MDNA and Sticky & Sweet are region free! And RHT will probably be too. As for the Japan version, I'm still not sure since it's the only one that is different than the others, this one might be region specific !
  3. My mistake then! Last time I ordered something from her store, it was sent from the US and I am in France tho...
  4. Yeah, but I think it all comes from the same place anyway! We'll see in less than a month but I will be very surprised if it's not region free, like the last ones!
  5. I still think it will be region free. You can order it on her official store, and I don't think they will check from where every person comes from to put the right blu ray / or DVD...
  6. I can't change them with mine. The Truth Or Dare blu ray isn't working for me. What player do you have? Another example of a wrong information on Amazon : Shadows And Fog ! It says : Region: Region A/1 In reality, it is not. It also plays in Europe.
  7. I don't really believe when websites says the region of the blu-ray anyway! For example, Amazon US says the A League Of Their Own blu ray is region 1, but in reality, it is region free... It happens with a lot of blu ray! We will know for sure when the blu ray is out! Edit: My bad, when I'm on my phone, it says Region 1, but on the computer it says All regions ! Don't know why...
  8. The Japan blu ray is region free anyway :
  9. The show from September 17th in full :
  10. robenn
  11. robenn

    But is it real? I could buy then we could put the money together then share but I don't wanna buy something that's fake
  12. robenn

    We should all get together and buy it :p
  13. There's a 1:51 version with a Glory Box sample that leaked earlier. Is it fanmade or is it legit?