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  1. "I ate all the cookies."
    Is anyone recording sky arts just now on uk tv ?
    Guy Garvie from the vaults...
    they just showed Madonna 
    or are the clips on here ?

  2. Whatever Jon Landau said is not in dispute. It just isn't true.
  3. one person's 'yuck' or similar word is a stab in the heart I could only really remember the madonna vocal bits and was trying to forget the rest the visuals bothered enough to rack up 35 pages of outrage and reply on here
  4. do you poke dead animals too ? some people on here were furious and had to type out their disgust the cause was someone called Madonna's new video I think
  5. "If you were a girl, we'd be dating."

    "I don't fancy you 'that' much."

    A girl called Simon and I finally broached a subject once.

    has always been about
    there's this shout loudest thing called the web now
    madonna was always a whore
    why the surprise now ?

  6. "Ah don't fink politics should be in music, it should be about having fun." (c) Smamfa Fox she has a point a decent song does help though "No amount of boobage can disguise grease."
  7. "...the over 40's..."


  8. Is the 'The Cher Show 1975-11-23' available as a lossless rip  ?

  9. how old is Madonna ? why is age suddenly important ? the queen of your devotion is irrelevant then never mind her sprog appearing on a chums 2nd rate demo
  10. I've only ever seen two records clear a dance floor one was The Velvelettes, in a leather club the other was Victoria Beckham in G.A.Y London
  11. some people come up with ideas others know how to sell them https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Will_Keith_Kellogg
  12. the commonwealth is one third of all people on earth
    Owl Freaking Out GIF

    1. Brendanlovesu1


      It's ironic that the UK who once conqured one third of the world now wants to reduce immigration because the right-wing press have convinced the less educated masses that immigrants are the cause of everything that's wrong in the country. Blame the government

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