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  1. "A child in a mothers body..."

    Franklin Graham has just said on the BBC.
    The haircut and the plaid suit tell me all I need to know.

    I think they call it.

  2. realityisalways

  3. Can you guess which one it was ?


  4. Not sure which 'section' but if 
    Eurodance 90s - LOSSLESS 
    is your thing look here.

  5. Who did the almost official megamix with songs set to Holiday ?

    1. luckystar908


      Barry Harris, he posted the mix on soundcloud.

    2. professormouse


      Ta, you've save me some searching.
      Just wondered if anyone's gonna do mixes for her new collection ?

  6. Ultra Nate
    now we pray the gods smile

    1. drunkby6


      That "Automatic" video is awesome in so many ways

    2. professormouse
  7. Must have been at work.


  8. U Know Your Hot !


  9. I once had a bunch of guys 'n' girls,

    all in black 'frocks',

    demand I played every Soft Cell 12'' Single in full,

    I had in my two record boxes.


    So I did.

  10. hi just one tiny question if a track was mostly a vocal could you do a mix of it ?

    1. Jackie


      Yea - just need to match the counts - 

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