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  1. Was the Blues Brothers movie b4 or after Star Wars ?
    They mention his psycho-ex-wife 'to be' in it occasionally and doesn't Carrie Fisher appear as her at the end ??

  2. Thanks for the nice words over on Soundcloud. xx

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    2. professormouse


      LOL !
      Listening to 'Something To Remember' is ever so slightly different these days if your in the boat I'm in. :angel:

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    3. Voguerista


      I hope you are ok? Hang in there. 

    4. professormouse


      Mighty fine really. xx


  3. Can anyone explain why the m3u 'play file' on a d-l'ed album suddenly stops working ?
    Some still play fine and others seem to have just 'died' ??

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    2. professormouse


      But, all I changed was it's title ?
      It still 'opened up' the player fine.
      Even after transferring to a HDD & back.
      One day it just stopped.
      In the same 'madonna file' there's others that play fine.
      And some don't, all very random.
      Everything played from a hdd, from a laptop and has for ages.
      Lost as to W h y Now :thinker:

    3. Fighter


      no idea tbh I never use those files that come with downloaded albums and stuff lol i just make my own playlists..

    4. professormouse


      Aah !
      I have tried a playlist 'creator' program in the past.
      They all worked fine for a while too.
      Do I give off static or something ? :laughing:

  4. Crave is about an older gal worrying about her feelings for this young chap 🤔

    They get dangerous.

    ie Fuck the age difference = I'm horny. 

    Grace Jones fans can play Name That Tune here.

    As can fans of Kate Bush who took this idea  j u s t a little bit further.

    The Infant Kiss is a VERY weird song,

    She see's ' a man behind them eyes ' !

    This is a grown up woman and a little boy btw !

    Un Basier De Enfant [or Something] is slightly less icky since it's in French.

    If anyone wants to mash Kate 'n' Madge together, plz do. 🤔

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    2. professormouse


      I wondered that myself.

      It could be but she's always been a bit of a 'kooky bird'.

      She wrote The Man With The Child In His Eyes when she was 13.

      Take A Bow reminded me her song 'Wow' too.

      They are nothing like Kate Bush 'musically' but I'd hazard a bet Madge knows hers songs.

      Prince & Kate were sorta chums too and recorded a couple of songs.

      My Computer is the only one I know that got a release.

    3. Fighter


      I only know a couple of her albums and some songs here and there but ive been listening to her a lot recently, her talent is out of this world:yarn:

    4. professormouse


      In the inside back of heavy metal magazine Kerrang...I used to read it a lot.

      A guy from some Death Metal band answered their Smash Hits type question list.

      His BEST concert he said was Kate Bush, he said.

      And that he walked 40+ miles a walk round the block.

      In THAT much of a 'daze'.

      A lot of people basically fell in love with her.

      And concerts, What Concerts would be understood.

      Carly Simon used to never do live gigs either.

      Planxty is a word I've read to describe some of her Very Oirish types sounds.

      Not always complimentary.

      She made the lower '60's of the US Charts from one TV appearance but basically does it her way.

      Remind you of anyone 🤔



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  6. The web is awash with supposed 'fans' of hers who all they wanna do is moan about what an effing cow she is.
    Tour programs, lateness, no cameras and now 'using' children.

    1. Enrico


      Criticism is ok as long as they don't state people who think differently are idiots.

      I think I am a fan although I criticize her lateness or the tour book already sold out.

      What is really annoying is members insulting other members and sometimes not even realizing that.

    2. emanon


      Children labour is a crime :lol:

      We always knew sometimes she is a total bitch, or that she isn't fun at all...and honestly that short dick man joke, is no longer fun...even if it's about Trump cause "everybody knows the damm joke" already!:tongue:

      Showing up so late actually shows no respect for the people that came to see the show. 

      Yeah, bitch she's is Madonna, but she is not above everyone or anything. Yes, I applaude those who don't agree with something and say it. Those can have my respect. Others that always say yes to the Queen, can actually kiss my S (no they can't, dirty mouths)..."oh she is Madonna, she can do everything she wants.." no she can't.

      About no cameras, it's just her selfish ego that wants "the exclusive" for her instagram account. :lol::lol::lol:

      She's not me, and she never will be (thank God):lol:

  7. I must have DJ'd in the worst attempt at a drag bar ever.
    This didn't raise even one snigger 🤔

    1. Voguerista


      Lol love it. 

  8. Hi,
    Does anyone know of a mpeg4/apple lossless converter to flac/wav that actually works ? :angel:

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    2. professormouse


      Slightly complicated................but I've figured out a way.
      SwitchAudioFileConverter takes them from m4a to wav and then I converted to flac.
      They 'line-up' now :laughing:

    3. Vladimir Petkovic

      Vladimir Petkovic

      ok, cool. At least you've found a way :)

    4. professormouse


      There's a whole bunch of Kylie I can only find as m4a or 'apple lossless'.
      They all say this on Spek but it's a flac at least now :)


  9. For Voguerista!RgsCFSKK!0EJ9AiAxUuyLx5R-858-_Uq6AerGKj5EpL3HzTykxuA

    Madonna - Don't Stop (.p.m. extended nibble).wav 
    THIS really is loooonger :laughing:

    1. Voguerista


      Omg thank you. One of my most very faves! And yay now longer. Ha.  Thank you! Thank you!

    2. professormouse


      Some have said this tunes kinda 'dull' or something but I can hear it on a 12'' Single.
      The groove is fantastic so I just made it loooonger.

    3. Voguerista


      Well I love it. 💫

  10. Both hard drives 'damaged'.
    One totally kaput.
    One clicking but still breathing.
    Aaand usb port comes out connector to one [of 2 !] of the hubs/holes things, blue strip.
    Oh Joy ! Laptop Deathe too.
    Records never did this.
    Plus A Quiz......
    Does anyone in here know what the UK Gay 'Newspaper of The Year' BOYZ used to call Madonna ?
    I vividly remember and not just 'coz naked Sven showed through the page.
    Something British about reading a newspaper in a gay bar.
    This will all make sense, no translator required but maybe only in Europe.
    I don't mean 'Madge' btw !


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    2. jross


      "Our glorious leader".

    3. professormouse


      One gold encrusted no-prize on it's way.

      They also said they started the Madge name too.
      And dropped it when they 'heard' she wasn't too mad on it.
      We meant short for [Your] Majesty....but we must obey !

      I still don't get the Vote for her shytest song you don't like 'polls' ! :laughing:

    4. jross


      I remember those days.

  11. Just out of curiosity has the ''it's about this'' been written about the song Crave ?
    That's to all who love the song like !

  12. Hi.
    Is it Gremlins or just my pc's connection ?
    I can't leave a reply on anyone's posts ?

    1. Fighter


      You should be able to 😐 i checked just now and seems fine

  13. I've had the strangest day and a half.
    I HAD to play Kylie Minogue - Chocolate for some unknown reason.
    Somehow this was required too....



  14. 'Disco Beats' just tells you something about current Rock Critics.
    In a way Madge owes more to Donna Summer but the sort of writers I mention would rather compare her to Debbie Harry.

  15. Eu sou um grande fã de Madonna ?

  16. Look what I found !
    It may not have as 'nice' a cover as the fake [?] French CDS but I'm guessing this Edit is Official ?
    For £20 not £150+++ !


    1. Fat Witcher
    2. professormouse


      There WAS a shop here that used to sell their CD's for mega-prices but they seem to sell everything on-line now.
      I'm sure this track [& it's edits ?] will have popped up elsewhere on these kind of promotional releases ?

  17. " Noticeable difference on the original 7" remix - at 3:20 the chorus is repeated. On the album version, it's just "la la la la la...".  "
  18. I'd like to thank the tortured Artist inside Angela Montengro for the reminder.
    John Singer Sargent did a painting that caused an 'outrage' in France at the time.
    That's NOT how you portray women !
    The pose was all wrong and 'even worse' originally there may have been just one strap on her dress.
    I know....what a tramp ?
    Whatever the fuss was about it helped his career in the UK and America.
    He does paint skin and hands really well

    This is Virginie Amélie Avegno Gautreau, the 'sitter' [stand-er ?] for the original 'Portrait of Madame X'.

    On display at The Met in New York.....funny that ?


    I think I like the 'study' for it even more !
    All THAT over a dress strap ?


  19.  In Portuguese "veranico" means Indian Summer.

    Madonna......Veronica... Electronica ?
    1. poserdemadonna


      Quoting Monica Geller: that's not even a word

    2. professormouse


      For the zillionth time - I never said it WAS anything.
      I saw someone's post and then one day later it was EVERYWHERE that 'Indian Summer' WILL be her newest single.
      A possible explanation...nothing else.
      Monica Geller ?