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  1. Can anyone explain why the m3u 'play file' on a d-l'ed album suddenly stops working ?
    Some still play fine and others seem to have just 'died' ??

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    2. professormouse


      But, all I changed was it's title ?
      It still 'opened up' the player fine.
      Even after transferring to a HDD & back.
      One day it just stopped.
      In the same 'madonna file' there's others that play fine.
      And some don't, all very random.
      Everything played from a hdd, from a laptop and has for ages.
      Lost as to W h y Now :thinker:

    3. Fighter


      no idea tbh I never use those files that come with downloaded albums and stuff lol i just make my own playlists..

    4. professormouse


      Aah !
      I have tried a playlist 'creator' program in the past.
      They all worked fine for a while too.
      Do I give off static or something ? :laughing: