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  1. professormouse

    "Can I borrow your brain ?" Do you mean like that Other Guy in the National Treasure movies ?
  2. Madonna has always made "America-oriented music". Her newest album isn't. That's why 'Critics' don't know what to make of it and waffle on about anything except whether they 'like' it or not !
  3. What utter nonsense ! Have you ever heard of Ska or Two-Tone ? Reggae has ALWAYS been HUGE in the UK. It's NOT a Rock Only place. I saw Jellybean and Candi Staton on the same night here in Glasgow. DAnce Music esp, sleazy/rare Disco has never been bigger......need I go on ?
  4. professormouse

    I looked online for 'how to package a record for posting' online. On a very popular video....they guy 'explains' that if you take the record OUT of it's cover it won't rattle about and split the edge seams. Ahhh ! There's was no way to say to him in his 'instructional video'....that the inner sleeve was printed too. That will split just looking at it but he never removed the record from that part. I bought one of Jellybeans's albums Wotupski from Japan, the record has an extra track. All the parts were on top of each other with the four smallest/neatest cut stripes of bubble-wrap at 12, 3, 6 & 9 o'clock. But it arrived 'mint/mint' The mailer used here on this sealed record is substandard. Some of the ones Amazon use are HUGE...but the record inside isn't bent over, just the packaging occasionally. Paypal has a 'how to complain' guide on it. Benjamin Godfre ? Meh ! U seen one set of abs........
  5. professormouse

    No it doesn't. I have had money refunded for a record with a damaged cover and I hadn't opened it. The cover was bashed like this. 'As Described' is another term to remember. This wasn't. You can set up a dispute with a transaction on Paypal, I've done it. There is a time limit but all the datails are on their site. You can also complain via your bank.
  6. professormouse

    I HOPE your reading their page from cover-to-cover ! Paypal will be linked to your bank account ? Your Bank and or Paypal you CAN complain too. They 'ask' the Seller for a reasonable explanation. It's all long 'n' drawn out if you can but there is a chance.
  7. professormouse

    In A Perfect World the Single Mix will have no 'vocal treatment' and the 12'' Versions will be re-mixed by Disco Gods like Cerrone, Moulton et al. It is showing that for record sales, 'controversy' or whatever reason she's chosen a side of history. The whole album seems like the HIT Ideas book has been flung out the window. I like the bit that goes all like A Trammps record....
  8. professormouse

    To think otherwise. People are shot everyday in America. Nothing happens. It's treated as an inevitability almost like the weather report. With that sort of madness, how is a Pop Video 'with' Drag Queens any worse ? The same headlines ala American Life will be re-printed but Madge will be able to say at least I fucking tried to do something.
  9. professormouse

    Did you pay with Paypal or your bank ? With either you still have a chance of a refund. Anything For Sale has to be 'fit for purpose' and blaming the mail system is no excuse. Also they can't tell you to pay for the you wouldn't be doing it at all if it arrived undamaged.
  10. The Sun tried to organise one of Wham's singles getting a re-issue 'for Christmas'.....Y a y ! Fuck Off ! Was the t o n e of most of the replies. You called him a 'poof' for most of his career and NOW you suddenly LOve him ? There was 'a few' like that. It was Tits for Tits who wanna shout about their masculinity. As for Guy Ritchie ? I will say he's brave if nothing else. Vast sections of the UK don't like any Professional Cockney's. There's 7 colours in a rainbow.
  11. Oh dear. Madonna is quoting The Sun with their 5 Star view of her new album on Facebook.
  12. The thread begins... More chance of a Songs Revisited sorta thing.
  13. Aye, but there's a whole new 'thread' I'm sure about what was A Hit ? How many is it if it's only Top 40 ?? DJ 12'' double-packs or the first album as 12'' re-released I could see as buyable, not any Greatest Hits though.
  14. Google says 85. There's a few that could be shaved off but using Kylie Logic then it's going to be 8 Albums ? Oh Yeh !
  15. professormouse

    Locked in a rubber room tied to a chair in front of a video screen playing Mariah 24/7.