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    I read some article recently going on about how this was her best 'non-album' song. I'd take the non-album bit off myself. Then I thought, so it is ! A greatest hits only tune. Ask anyone in the street how Beautiful Killer 'goes'. "Haven't we met...", you will hear more often I'd reckon. And all though never actually said in all I read about the above... ...they have all strongly implied 'Look she CAN have A Hit again'.
  2. professormouse

    Iconic ? One was her Slut Baiting and the other was I'm A Good Girl Really. She's said she CAN'T sing one of them now. I think this guy was also thinking, 'It's just a song dear' too
  3. I must have DJ'd in the worst attempt at a drag bar ever.
    This didn't raise even one snigger πŸ€”

    1. Voguerista


      Lol love it.Β 

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    It is a sweetener to buy a bundle of them ? But yeah,True Blue is 30.99 on it.Γ…MÅŽÕÑ&crid=28ATHGDNIDX4&keywords=like+a+virgin+madonna+vinyl&qid=1570984543&sprefix=like+a+virgin%2Caps%2C184&sr=8-2
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    Since 'lists' are de rigueur on here... I'm thinking of a Top Ten of 'hottest' photos.
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    This radio 'thing' sounds l i k e Streaming but you don't pay for it. HOW's That going to work ?
  7. " they're only words, unless they're true " I can see a 'best of' her live showsand or possibly a Madam X remix package but ANOTHER 'Greatest Hits' I WANT her first album as a bunch of 12'' Singles...'in a box'...but what's the chances ?
  8. professormouse

    She's playing to her strengths. Vocally. The last time I heard her sing this good was some video where her and Donna Delory & Niki Harris [?] are warming up by singing Holiday as their about to go onstage. I've always preferred her more 'talky' numbers.
  9. professormouse

    Tell me when you realise that every Bond movie is exactly the same. A bit like Star Trek ones, they all have the one 'plot' too. Everything in Star Wars is 'borrowed' from better books and movies.
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    "The most important person in a laboratory is not the chief scientist. It is the glass-blower."
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    This has no direct Lou Reed or VU references or anything even vaguely related.
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    WOW = SOMEONE ELSE ! Someone called 'Madonna' went down a peg when She announced her next record would be, "ALL Hits, no Filler !" OK It was called 'Like A Virgin'. I beg your puddin' love but there's 'filler' on it. 'Dance 2night' is A HIT. Like the above it was written to be one. "They'd already sung on one single !".....was the best reason I found for it not being A Single. Comprende ? 'Sing Wingy' is genius.
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    "A Real LIVE Theatre !" If 'Pump it with a Trumpet' can work, why the hell not Material Girl....or any
  14. professormouse

    Some UK shops do get US product, but where I'm not sure. There was a Rick James RSD 12'' 'only for the US' but a DJ 'chum' said one shop in Glasgow had pots of them. When I went to the shop amazingly they were all gone.
  15. professormouse

    All UK 12'' used to be 45 rpm. Have you checked on ?
  16. Are Sly & Robbie still about, I thought they were Others [and not j u s t me] thought Medellin was SCREAMING OUT for a 'lil old style Dub. Instead of the remixing it, why didn't she just record it with them. Our Grace has had many pot-shots at her singing ability but she made amazing records with them. Just A.Thought.
  17. I'd only just fell-in-love again with her first 'album' so Madam X is how many hours of listening away.
  18. professormouse

    I just mentioned Donna Summer on another page. On her CV quoted online, it says she's sung everything from Gospel to Rock. How many styles would you attribute Madge with ? It's kinda natural NOT to like everything by any artist. As for all that Mariah or, or, or who-this-week is shyte= isn't Madonna wonderful baloney I can't stand.
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    These will be the same people who 'bought' Donna Summer's It's Only Love 'single' I worked on a train once selling crap to eat 'n' drink once long ago. By Law in the UK 'if' a train runs past it's allotted time people expect Something. Half an hour = it's a drink, an hour = it's a sandwich too. I only found out 'coz Some Angry Types started squawking after they were put off a train to let a freight one 'pass'. I g u e s s it might be similar for concerts....there must be some legal amount of time.....b4 you can say it's a no-show, literally ? I'm sure it IS 'technically' possible....
  20. professormouse

    Someone told her the type of songs for vinyl don't sell. The last few 'albums' have tried to predict what will Stream. She has moved further away musically from what a Madonna record is meant to sound like. Madam X is an attempt to find A New Market, hence all the 'it's Portuguese'....don't you get it....hype. All the remixes do is is hammer-on a '90's/''00's sound to make them more recognisably 'Madonna'. Kate Bush ? How long have you got ?? Like say The Cocteau Twins....Kate Bush can do NO WRONG to her devotees. Touring...sing 'live'.....who needs too....
  21. professormouse

    And a Pony too ! Is the regretting recording 'American Pie' comments at all true ? The stuff she did in her vinyl days were better Songs.
  22. U know when you hear something on 'the left speaker''s on the left channel. That simple. With downloading/streaming and people thinking mp3@320 is OK things like this have taken a back seat.
  23. I happen to love many of Tracy Young's mixes and everywhere I look people are raving, literally, over the Offer Nissim ones too. That the eventual Product was/is substandard is open to debate. Madonna would not have had any say how it looked or sounded if she was leaving the record label. There's always a Greatest Hits when people change labels 'n' contracts it seems.
  24. That was nothing to do with her and just a contract fulfilment 'album'.