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  1. I jest. I read somewhere it was that black gal in her early appearances that wore her charity shop goth look first ? Madge turned up the following night and wore the said. This Maripol gal is very Ab Fab ?
  2. professormouse

    U don't say.... That bitch hasn't shown up on time and I want my money back I've never seen once. 'honestly'
  3. professormouse

    Some might say she currently is. Yeah do something really different = just stand there and sing.
  4. professormouse

    Frozen wins. ROL is a re-write/rehash so it's a cover in a way. The video to Frozen is one of her best. Simple, effective and probably cost a bomb. It made you listen to the Song. And I spotted bits that were in reverse. Where she falls over and turns into the birds is still pretty 'cool'.
  5. professormouse

    Some of the demos on that assembly disc have a vague Indian sound to them. Blancmange are touring again so maybe they'd produce ? Ballads would be great too but anything as long as there's not 'featuring' whoever's big on Instagram type names. Songs of any sort that aren't trying to guess what will be streamed ? How many mixes of Into The Groove were there really first time around = One.
  6. professormouse

    What did Tracy Young ever do wrong ? I happen to love that mix ['s]. David Bowie won one Grammy while alive and not exactly for music. I hope she's not too upset if she doesn't win.
  7. professormouse

    Just this happy little song.
  8. professormouse

    Aah ! 'And I need that second cup !" One for any Nile Rodgers fans. Like A Prayer: 30Th Anniversary, 1 Audio-CD = one disc ? Donna Summer's LTLYB album had an anniversary edition too. On the vinyl reissue there's supposedly some glitter that's been added to the cover. Don't hold back.
  9. Was the Blues Brothers movie b4 or after Star Wars ?
    They mention his psycho-ex-wife 'to be' in it occasionally and doesn't Carrie Fisher appear as her at the end ??

  10. professormouse

    Love Song was NOT A Single because supposedly Prince told her to 'leave something on the album'. Which kinda makes sense ? Dear Jessie....hmmm. It was complained about on the BBC's Points Of View. A boss of a factory said they had the radio [1] on for the 'workers' and he lost count after hearing it 18+ times in the one day. It was like Radio 1 were sorta hoping the Prince duet might escape if DJ was a huge hit ? Back when she could do no wrong
  11. professormouse

    Sounds about right. Wikipedia is not gospel though as anyone can add to and or edit it. I have !
  12. professormouse

    Better off asking the More Learned on here. AFAIK he was about for it but his takes were only used on the mixes ?
  13. professormouse

    Yeah, I heard that too. And there is supposedly tech to record live by internet/phone but it'd be easier to send tapes back 'n' forth ? He never 'met' Kate Bush I've heard too but they managed to record together as well.
  14. professormouse

    Where do I start with ABBA ? There's screeds online but I know what you mean. Ray of Light and Erotica would deffo SELL if they were bunged in as instrumentals on record with the original albums. The producers of both have plenty of fans too and would see as part of their 'collection'. Madge would have to OK it still I guess.
  15. professormouse

    Did you see the BBC [?] show about Dead Pop Stars ? They showed Prince's actual 'vault' ! He even forgot the password they said. That explains a lot. There is multiple everything stacked high. I'd hazard a guess there's copies of whatever he sent Madge in their somewhere. And his Estate would probably claim 'ownership', no ?
  16. professormouse

    Have you heard the Waiting instrumental or the Impressive Instant one ? There's two that would sell even as b-sides on vinyl. I also think her first album tracks would do well as 'proper' instrumentals officially released. Mark Moore tells a funny story of playing rap acapella's over Open Your Heart's dub. In a totally black and mostly male club, which when he 'forgot for a second'.... They were dancing away....the moment they heard Madonna's voice, the floor emptied. DJ's have long wanted them and some just like them.
  17. professormouse

    Until I see a physical copy I don't believe anything. There was a Donna Summer 'box set' of her Casablanca albums just like that with pre-order links etc and then it all vanished. Like 'someone' said yes but it got pulled from sale ? That's as far as it of it.
  18. Thanks for the nice words over on Soundcloud. xx

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      LOL !
      Listening to 'Something To Remember' is ever so slightly different these days if your in the boat I'm in. :angel:

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      I hope you are ok? Hang in there. 

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      Mighty fine really. xx


  19. professormouse

    Ah Hah ! It isn't an exact science... " But the RIAA does not automatically certify music sales. Record labels that want the data for marketing purposes must request it from the association. " If someone was leaving a label why might they not
  20. professormouse

    The actress Sarah Mills said she's drunk her own piss for over 30 years. Urine [ah-hem] 'Therapy'....
  21. professormouse

    Not surprisingly Rihanna's version of the Randy Crawford song 'Almaz' is nowhere online ? She'd just been discovered and it was shown on UK TV in a THIS is going to be the next big thing sorta way. Vocal Talent is the last thing you need to do well in Pop??
  22. It means working together. I thought there was only one of Massive Attack that met her ? I was supposed to be Chaka Khan b u t reading between the polite statements online she wasted or something for the original sessions. They could always do What Have I Done To Deserve This live eh ??
  23. Prince, Lenny Kravitz and Massive Attack. They split up over it. As for worst ? Any of the 'featuring' ones.
  24. professormouse

    Just 'coz you sell zillions of albums etc doesn't automatically make you any good.