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  1. Trending on Google right now.


  2. No, the average Joe could probably name A Song by Reg. This guy, not so much.
  3. "Your fans are mostly over 50 queens living out their fantasies through your screen appearances..."

    'So what if they are,
    their nicer people than you will ever be'

    Lana Turner

  4. Must have forgotten my poof-pills that season. She is playing a version of herself. Megan Mullally took an afterthought part and acted the other two off the screen. I've a powder blue hoodie too. Doesn't fit any more.
  5. " 'ousey, 'ousey, acidic....
    Leah, you don' peel no tatas,
    you get no tea !"


  6. does anyone here understand facebook ?

    1. professormouse


      It kept saying my password was 'wrong' for a day.
      Then the following day it worked.

  7. ps IF anyone has the Bruce Springsteen Born In The USA Eaglevision doc, or the Pet Shop Boys interview where Lady Ga Ga just happens to pop by, [BBC ?] do let me know.
  8. The Streisand 'duet' was for some live awards show ?
  9. Some blonde gal says it was this guy made her wanna be a pop singer.

  10. A supremely well put together radio show.


  11. I'll wait 'til I hear it. Then we will know if it's shyte or not.
  12. They're a band.


  13. Some folks are doing fine

    Expanding the great divide

    At the end of a long day climb

    The guilty will be tried


  14. this gal seems to be doing well 


  15. 'tings 'ye find.


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