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  1. There's so many of the travelling regulars not doing this tour - it's going to be a strange one. Some cant go because they've fallen into disrepute with Madonnas team, others just had enough after MDNA and Madame X setlists, some just have decided they want to leave it. I'll see what the schedule looks like, ive already got 3 US trips lined up and im trying to watch my carbon footprint
  2. The thing is even if you pay £1000 for a front row package, you inevitably end up watching the artist's arse for half the show as theres almost guaranteed to be a catwalk / B stage / heart stage etc. I know the majority of fans on Rebel Heart who paid for the £550 Heart Stage seats felt that was THE place to be, not the front row which was £1000 or so. Certainly it was the Heart Stage that everyone rushed to at the general admission shows - you could get front row main stage long after doors opened.
  3. I would guess/speculate/imagine front rows will be £500 - £1000 if they hold Rebel Heart pricing. Stage configuration will also play a part but in the UK I think Heart Stage seats were about £600 and in the US double that and more as dynamic was already in place then. Then outside of the immediate front row vicinity on the floor I would guess you're looking at £175 - £200 again based on Rebel Heart pricing. Mainland European dates have traditionally been standing on the floor as opposed to the UK, and a lot, lot cheaper and more attractive to fans who can get a 100Euro ticket and £60 easyJet flight and queue up for a front row spot and still have change from £250.
  4. Dynamic pricing is in full swing in the UK. Recent gigs ive been to have seen silly prices. I go to 100+ gigs a year- so let me share some recent experiences - I got pit tickets for Backstreet Boys for £200 which shot up to £900 and sold out. Westlife (dont judge me) I got front row for £300 and within an hour they'd gone to £1000 and had sold out. Bieber I held off buying the a $300 package which then cost me $1200. Same for other gigs ive done recently - Diana Ross, Rod Stewart and so on. The upside is that dynamic pricing also sees tickets go down - as they did for Madonna at The London Palladium and all the US dates on Madame X were people who paid $3000 a ticket were sat next to people who paid $138 or even $50 for some of the Chicago dates. Big gigs are still selling out. The good seats are going at a premium, higher than before and promoters are then hedging their bets and slash prices or even give them away (Blue, Steps, Diana Ross) closer to the date. No reason to think Madonna will be any different. It's the mid price tickets that are always the slowest to go - the first tickets to go according to Livenation are the cheap ones. So it's going to be key how they price the back floor level 1 seats I think. Big fans will want to be in the front half of the arena and many will pay whatever it takes to be there, for me its going to be interesting to see what they do with the so-so seats. For Rebel Heart they implemented dynamic pricing right at the last minute at the O2 and sold one row on, one row off I the upper decks for the second night which is also a way of filling it up.
  5. Re : Australia being overprojected - so was the UK on Rebel Heart Tour. There were due to be 3 O2 dates (one on 12th Dec got replaced with Zurich or somewhere), there were also second dates for Birmingham and Glasgow expected that never came off. The Livenation crew on that tour were quite loose with their mouths as they were annoyed about the start time drama lol
  6. Re : Boxscore - we used to think in our more uneducated days that the sellout capacity was set my the promoters - now we know direct from Livenation on Madame X that they promoters just submit tickets sold (actual and audited) , but completely invent capacities / tickets available (not audited) and report whatever they like. All those years of thinking there was such a thing as a "technical sellout" when in fact its just promoters sending in tickets sold (actual) and tickets available / capacity (invented by Becky in the office).
  7. 1. I would kill for a live band. Imagine Madonna calling for "one more chorus" randomly. Dream. 2. After Australia didnt come out for her for Rebel Heart and they had to shift the dates because the demand wasn't there for the dates they had planned, id be surprised if she went back. Which is a shame for whats left of her fanbase down under as the fans she does have left there are fiercely loyal.
  8. If I were Madonna, I would get on some major award shows in the new year, celebrating 40 years of my legacy and announce a tour off the back of that, and the excitement and rumours that have been spreading from now until then.
  9. For background : There is a small team of us. I host the events and do the videos / music. Others on the team work with the venue, run the social channels etc. Madonna's management have endorsed and supported us for almost 20 years now to make sure the events are kept free with lots of giveaways, signed items, exclusive remixes & videos, marketing and advertising. Sometimes we get exclusive information from M's team.- for example, we were given the single, exclusive news break on some of her recent live appearances directly to break to fans. As always, if and when teasers are posted, they're exactly that - teasers. Any official announcement from any artist would always be made clear as an announcement when her team deem thats appropriate and not before. So if there's a silence it's because people either know but can't say, or have been given a teaser to post without specifics - or simply don't know.
  10. Hopefully you'll have seen from Madonna.com that her team have confirmed as as the Official Release Party for Finally Enough Love! We have boxes of merchandise to give away at the event - sunglasses for the early people, fans, stickers, badges, merchandise - with her team popping in as usual throughout the day, you never know who may show up.. Free Entry, no ticket required, get there early and don't plan to leave til it's over
  11. To be fair thats Madonnas team that send them through to us - we just give them away We have to be careful when we get signed items or things like the Celebration box sets or those bloody American Life mini coopers as people get very grabby haha
  12. NO! Most of us (me included) are in our mid 40s!! Remember we've been running these for almost 20 years now - we're all a bit older than we were when we started them!
  13. Ridiculous that we've been holding these now for almost 20 years! Hope to see many of you there as usual :) The World Famous Madonna Fan Party returns to London for it's 32nd event on Saturday 27th August 2022, with doors opening from 3.30pm. Entry is free - no ticket is required. The event will run until 10pm. Please RSVP on the Facebook Event Page to keep up to date with all the details: https://www.facebook.com/events/537179047780512 You can also follow @MadonnaFanParty on Instragram and Twitter. As always, a limited number of 3pm Early Entry tickets will be available - as a bonus, these will come with free commemorative items and welcome shot and will be made available from Friday 13th May at 9:00am for those fans wanting to start the party early and choose their spot in the venue! Madonna Fan Party has run in association with Madonna's direct team since 2003 and is the worlds' longest running Madonna Fan event. For almost two decades, fans join us from all over the UK and routinely fly in from all around the world to attend the event. Madonna's management team, dancers and band have attended these events in the past and partied alongside fans. Friendships have been formed, memories have been made, and for the first time since Madonna's Madame X crew joined us in January 2020, we will Get Together once again. As usual, Madonna's team plan to supply us with items to give away during the earlier part of the event. In the past these have included signed CDs & photos, t shirts and jewellry through to sought after promo items such as Celebration Box Sets and Broken Promo 12"s, concert tickets and guitar picks used by Madonna herself. Come dressed in your favourite Madonna t shirt - or even better dressed in an outfit inspired by the Queen! With over three months notice, fans travelling from within the UK can benefit from cheap advanced rail tickets - check out your rail operators website. "Finally Enough Love" is released shortly before the event, celebrating Madonna's 50 Number Ones on the Billboard Dance Chart. Not only is Madonna the most successful and biggest selling female artist of all time, she is the only artist to ever reach Number 1 50 times in any official chart. You can expect to hear Madonna's Greatest Hits & Remixes throughout this event. We thank the management team at G-A-Y Late for working with us to ensure this free event can continue and look forward to seeing you all dance & sing, get up & do your thing on Saturday 27th August! Follow Madonna Fan Party on social media to stay up to date with the event and join in the excitement with other fans. Our events are completely inclusive - many fans attend the events on their own and have formed lifelong friendships from our events - reach out if you're attending alone so we can make sure some of our regulars are reading to welcome you! Instagram : @MadonnaFanParty Twitter : @MadonnaFanParty Facebook : www.facebook.com/MadonnaFanParty
  14. Yeah they aired 3 clips during the Red Carpet special but I can only find this one posted already
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