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    I know Belinda and the Nana's personally, so it's different. Ive only met Madonna twice before the show-chat, and both times were fleeting. Of course, she recognises her long term fans who she likes who do multiple shows but this was on a different level - she was half in character, half not during the exchange. When they told me it was happening I was half scared it wouldn't live up to my hopes - but she didn't take me down, she complemented me, our banter was cheeky and eye-to-eye. She fell out of character a few times, we laughed. I couldn't have asked for more. I was still shaking when Guy came to find me afterwards. Happy fan here. Elated.
  2. andifeel

    Wonderful moment to be the Beer Bitch and be cheered on by so many friends in the audience. Neil x
  3. andifeel

    Golden Circle is what refer to as any seat in direct view of the stage (Carre Or). These are on all 3 levels
  4. andifeel

    Ah no panic then. Yours just haven't been printed yet. As soon as they show as printed then it will be 2-10 days for DHL
  5. andifeel

    U2 fans were sharing codes the entire tour. Same with Hamilton. Ticketmaster have said before they have no way to cross check codes to emails. The codes just unlock the tickets. The more people ring them up and ask the more likely they are to start though i would imagine. U2 fans were sharing codes the entire tour. Same with Hamilton. Ticketmaster have said before they have no way to cross check codes to emails. The codes just unlock the tickets. The more people ring them up and ask the more likely they are to start though i would imagine.
  6. andifeel

    DHL option your tickets will have been sent already. Recorded delivery went out a couple of days ago.
  7. andifeel

    In case anyone needs it x
  8. Join the event by making sure you select GOING (not 'Interested') The 28th London Madonna Fan Party is set for October 21st 2017 at G-A-Y Late. Join Madonna's biggest fans from over the world as they travel to London to celebrate 25 Years of the classic 1992 album, along with all of your favourite Madonna hits, live performances and remixes. We've been running Madonna Fan Party events with support from Madonna's team since 2003, if you haven't been before we hope to see you at this one. Don't miss out!
  9. Proudly supported by Madonna’s team for over a decade, Madonna Fan Party are proud to announce that the 24th Official London Madonna Fan Party will take place on Halloween, 31st October. The party will be the Official Rebel Heart European Tour Launch – taking place the week before Madonna kicks off the second leg of the Rebel Heart World Tour this side of the Atlantic. As always, entry is completely FREE, and you can expect over 8 hours of your favourite Madonna videos, live performances, rarities and of course tracks from the Rebel Heart album. Madonna’s team will ensure there are plenty of Madonna promo goodies to give away as usual, and you’ll be able to party with hundreds of Madonna’s friends from all over the world. As the party will be on Halloween night, we’re hoping many of you will come dressed up in your favourite Madonna look! Will you choose the Living For Love matador look? How about in a wedding dress from Like a Virgin? The Music cowgirl? Nothing Really Matters geisha look? Blond Ambition ponytail & suit? Get your travel and hotels booked NOW whilst it’s nice and cheap – and make sure your RSVP and join our Facebook Event Page! Official Hashtag: ‪#‎MadonnaFanParty‬
  10. We pride ourselves on being welcoming at these parties. Often people come on their own, and when they tell us, we always make sure we welcome them and introduce them to groups of people so they aren't alone for long! There are many groups of friends at this party who met through coming on their own and us introducing them, who always make sure they look out for people on their own. If you're thinking of coming and on your own - message me through the Facebook page and we can make sure that you're welcomed and introduced to some great fans to make sure you have the best day :-) Neil x
  11. Brilliant :-) And thanks for posting in the right place...if you come on 28th you can slap my wrist in person :-) Neil x
  12. A few members of this forum asked me at the last party in November to make sure that I posted here when we'd confirmed the details of the next London party (our 23rd one - gulp!). Free, friendly and if anyone has any questions or is worried about coming on their own let me know so we can make sure you get a good welcome - tons of people come on their own, many from overseas. Neil x RSVP HERE: The 23rd Official London Madonna Fan Party Saturday 28th March, 2.30pm-10.30pm, G-A-Y Late, Goslett Yard, Soho. Pre-orders of Madonna’s new album Rebel Heart have shot her to number 1 in over 40 countries, and in many of these she occupies up to 6 positions in the top 10 for Christmas week with the songs released so far – and to top off the excitement of the last week, we are proud to announce the 23rd LONDON MADONNA FAN PARTY on SATURDAY 28th MARCH 2015 at G-A-Y Late, Goslett Yard, Soho, London. The Party will celebrate the release of Madonna’s new album – ‘Rebel Heart’ – where amongst the 8 hours of non-stop Madonna music videos, live performance and remix clips, you can expect to hear every track from the album. In addition, to celebrate 25 Years since Blond Ambition, we’ll have an exclusive anniversary broadcast for you to enjoy of the entire show, as well as prizes, drinks offers and the opportunity to meet Madonna fans from all over the world. Our parties routinely see fans coming from all over the UK, flying in from all over Europe and even Argentina and Brazil. As usual doors open at 2.30pm and entry as always is FREE – at the MDNA Album Launch and MDNA DVD Launch we reached capacity early so please arrive early – priority entry will be given to fans on the Facebook Event guestlist, so make sure you and all your friends have ‘JOINED’ it to show you are coming! We hope you are as excited as we are to both welcome a new Madonna era and to celebrate her legacy. A warm welcome awaits you. We’ll see you at 2.30pm on Saturday 28th March!