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    You’d think. that was the reason for all the the initial reschedules. Negligent routing by Livenation. Not Highly Specliazed anything.
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    I’m glad you’ve worked out what’s important to you. No two people are the same. Understanding what you value is important as we only have one shot at life. Xx
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    Thank you x i get so much shit and bullying from another forum (not here or Tribe) that you can see why some people just have enough with the online shit they get from strangers. It’s nice to be here & on Tribe with people who live & let live. Xx
  4. andifeel

    Yep. Making memories rather than buying stuff is what I’m about. I’d rather die with a heartfull of shared Madonna memories with friends than be surrounded by 421 coloured vinyls of the same album. Lol. But that’s just me. one day I’ll write it all down.
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    Invested hard in a career and a business that's enabled me to travel the world every time she's toured since 1993, saved to see lots of shows and sacrificed other things. I don't like to talk about money beyond that.
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    Yeah. Had a beer chat, got the plectrum. Had to buy the photo for the set lol xx
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    Lol im not fussy I just enjoy this forum as I can be a fan rather than a miserable old moderator like I have to be on Tribe lol xxxx
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    I’m a member here too.... ;-) Neil x
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    Agreed completely
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    Unused F&F tickets usually go up on Ticketmaster between 4 and 5.30 on the evening of a show. In amongst them there have been the odd £69 ticket here and there. Good luck :))
  11. andifeel

    Great questions!
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    1 Intro - doesn't count as a song. 2 god control - cut 3 dark ballet - cut 4 human nature - cut 5 express yourself / speech - doesn't count, acapella blast one verse & chorus that she still sometimes does during the Polaroid section 6 papa don't preach / speech - was a quick verse and chorus blast purely for America in response to the pro-choice debates. Never performed in Europe 7 sodade (missing intro on welcome to my fado club too) - Was cut half way through America, and only performed in Lisbon twice. Never part of the London setlist. 8 crave - only performed in Lisbon twice. Never part of the London setlist.
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    They cut her at 11.10pm. venue security have told us since day 1 her final curtain down is 11.15pm. On at least 2 shows so far she’s finished at 11.12pm. there was some shitty power play going on. no matter what official statement is agreed today by Madonna’s camp and the Palladium, they shut the curtains 5 minutes early.
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    Sorry not to meet you. I’d had shoulder surgery that morning and am full of cold so sat most of the show lol. Hope you had a wonderful evening. Most of the touring fans in London are the good people. The bad ones never made it to the UK. Xx
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    SOLD _ wow that was quick. I could have sold this 10 times over! Front row London , Feb 13th face value £721.50 - selling for price I paid email
  16. andifeel

    400Euro each - PayPal only, first to pay gets it, no holds. Sunday 23rd February SOLD 3rd Row Seat 3 Sunday 8th March 3rd Row Seat 16 Only DM me if you want them, have checked your flights and are ready to buy. You can check seating charts using Google so please don't ask me where the seat is. Yes some people have.. 😛 Immediate refund if she cancels. I don't have any more spares *yet* - if I do I will post them here.
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    Ticket transfer is now live on Ticketmaster when your bar codes go live - 6pm 2 days before your show. x
  18. andifeel

    There’s currently no resale or transfer for London. Give TM a call, they’ve made some exceptions according to an icon member called DaveUK33.
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    Just a reminder - hope to see a lot of you there again like last time! The 31st Madonna Fan Party is Saturday 25th January at G-A-Y Late from 3pm to 10pm. Entry is Free - No Ticket Required. Madonna’s team including Aaron and some of her dancers will be coming by - with over 7 hours of non stop Madonna music, remixes & live performance videos, merchandise giveaways direct from Madonna’s team and all of Madonna’s biggest fans from over the world all in one venue, this is the one Madonna Fan Party that you don’t want to miss. Full information on the Facebook Event Page:
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    Ive seen someone (albeit a well known complete hysterical drama queen) say on Facebook that his friend's cousin's friend or something can now Ticket Transfer for Ticketmaster UK - keeping my fingers crossed they are rolling it out and its not just another one of his LOOK AT ME posts. Nothing on my account yet.. update: I was speaking to Livenation yesterday just putting the final arrangements in place for the Madonna Fan Party on 25th (many members of her team & dancers are coming) and they said there are still no plans to enable resale or transfer. They have a meeting with the Palladium team coming up who have been pushing for transfer as they are getting a lot of queries direct. So looks like the apprentice who runs their twitter either got it wrong or jumped then gun.
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    Interesting - I know Ticketmaster said that that had been said in error same as the email they sent out about resale. Either way I hope they introduce it - not just for people who want to sell, but if people are travelling seperately and someone gets held up it makes life easier as you can transfer to the other people in your group if you booked. But I guess it does say no resale or transfer when you book so I guess we cant moan.
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    No because you can’t transfer it to them as it’s locked to your Ticketmaster account. you can risk having someone log in as you but they’ve got technology in place to recognise suspicious log ins. Plus you have to give them access to your Ticketmaster email and password. many fans on tribe and icon have called them multiple times to try and get the transfer ban lifted. I have a feeling when they release the dynamic barcodes there will be a method to transfer. But just my guess.
  23. andifeel

    We cant at the moment unless you sell a spare and go in with the person. They're purposefully blocking resale and transfer.
  24. andifeel

    Which the palladium have ignored for years. I’ve been going to concerts there since I saw Bjork there in 1997 and at that night and many many many nights since people have stood in the aisles. Even for the Lighthouse Family a few weeks ago. Lol.
  25. andifeel

    Palladium frequently hosts post midnight shows which we didn’t know about until We did the Palladium tour a few months back and the manager told us that whilst they have an infernal curfew of 3am, they negotiate individual circumstances with individual promoters for individual shows.