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  1. @Curtainsthank you for everything, i hope fortune will turn in you favour soon, times are tough, wish i could help in some way, stay positive and hope to see you here again, take care x
  2. The non-stop express mix was on the 30th anniversary edition so it's getting confused somewhere, i guess it works much like ID3 tags.
  3. The day I was born On October 13 1983, Madonna performed Burning Up, Everybody and Holiday at Camden Palace’s Thursday Party Night in London, England. Plus I am in UK so she was here for me.
  4. yes, would love to hear the 4.16 version of Music.
  5. ffs I nearly passed away... I don't know if she could do such an energetic tour like rebel heart for example but i don't think she will stop making albums for a long while if she can, she always said she will never stop. I hope there's a lot more to come.
  6. This gave me a giggle. Check out the other videos as well
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