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  1. it was the fact it says RUN next to it that tickled me. I think we should
  2. oooooh, i was looking at this one which is the the same as remixed prayers https://www.discogs.com/es/release/559443-Madonna-Like-A-Prayer
  3. yes the extended dance version is on it as well as the 7'' remix edit
  4. Was it the same as the one on remixed prayers?
  5. I like the chosen remixes but was hoping for some unheard mixes of older tracks. Ah well have pre-ordered the hmv clear vinyl
  6. where did I use profanity? It was my opinion, I disagreed. Which I am allowed to do, I owe them nothing. I'm not interested in lady gaga fans.
  7. go back to your shallow pond, what are you more sad about? that she is 63? that she's not perfect? or the fact she uses filters (JUST LIKE MILLIONS OF OTHERS). If someone took a picture of a 63 yr old woman who hadn't had surgery, people wouldn't say anything. She uses filters to annoy people and it works so you fell for it sucker. You fall for media spin...so sad.
  8. she also started 20 mins early at the 02, cutting Itchy Elbow's DJ set short. He had to run off the stage
  9. https://truedark.com/shop/truelight-led-light-therapy/truelight-by-truedark-energy-square/
  10. It wasn't intended to be a joke or to be disgusting, i know the grills affect speech, it was more just one side. I just thought she may have done but obviously she might not tell the world. It was more worry about my queen!
  11. Hi, i wouldn't normally start rumours and this isn't my intention here, more of an observation. I just watched a clip of M on Jimmy Fallon, the left side of her face looks droopy. I noticed it first from the right side and her eye seemed odd, then i watched it back...did she have a stroke? I know she's had botox etc etc but this seems different, even her mouth droops on one side. I will add this is not me criticizing her, just noticed it. Thoughts?
  12. I don't think she does it for attention anymore, she does it force people to look at themselves and to make a point, why should she give in to age when she can afford not to. I do think she doesn't need to do so much to her face but at the same time I don't think a bit hurts anyone and people just show themselves up with their negativity. Living for love.
  13. Stuart Price - listed as production sound mixer
  14. Definitely think these future deluxe albums will include stuff we already have, I know their partnership has just been announced but they did it with True Blue so not holding out much hope for anything new
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