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  1. Future Lover

    First of all, it's old news, them splitting it as 12+3, and second of all, Amazon tracklists are wrong very often. I still choose to believe that the Swedes have the correct tracklist before anyone else. It would feel absolutely horrible and pointless if the 2CD was split that way.
  2. Future Lover

    Isn't the first part of "Like a Prayer", uhm, identical to the Superbowl vocal?
  3. Future Lover

    26 songs x 3 minutes plus a bit of padding - you can expect her around 11 PM CEST the earliest
  4. midnight where? it was midnight in NZ 11 hours ago
  5. Future Lover

    It's not that people aren't excited for Madonna's performance, as one user maliciously stated... this is no ordinary performance. Of all the years to pick Eurovision as promo, this might honestly be the worst. Taking money from an Israeli billionaire, to maybe, MAYBE spread a message of reconciliation, is kinda hypocritical. If this were Azerbeijan or Latvia, no one would bat an eyelid. I've also seen someone going like "pinkwashing?!?!?!". Well, since some Madonna fans only know "look it up" and "reductive"... Look it up.
  6. Future Lover

    The only person stealing from Madonna fans... is Madonna.
  7. Future Lover

    Here's the video for all Doubting Thomas' who are obviously technologically backward. https://youtu.be/UkhYYwF7XaU?t=7959
  8. Future Lover

    You think she didn't watch every version of the video?! I like that moment, she's being silly and aloof, helps break the whole "we're feeling emo because we're singing a midtempo track". Stop this one-man attack on a single artistic choice now. Now, about those clicks...
  9. Future Lover

    Wish a non-robot translated this in order to make it understandable!
  10. Future Lover

    I've heard rumors of a short interview on Thursday, but I hope it falls through, I don't want her giving any statements on anything. Just do the performance, get your promo and get the Hell out of there.
  11. Future Lover

    But that was just decoy information to throw us off!!!!11 RIght?!?!?!? I mean, what a load of bull. Why share anything and ruin your barely-there credibility?
  12. Future Lover

    Unless "Future" is truly hit-worthy, I think it will be a huge mistake to perform it. It would be essentially wasting the largest European promo she can get on a non-single which people will be confused by. As far as descriptions go, it will also sound decidedly... non-European, whatever that loaded phrase means. Not to open the whole can of worms that is performing in Israel at this point in time. It could really make or break the era, as far as media goes.
  13. Future Lover

    From what I recall, it was "Borderline" and "Everybody"?
  14. Future Lover

    I feel like most people are still listening to the leak, by the looks of it, since I didn't hear the clicks on it either... I'm now curious on the sound of "Future". Four more days, unless it leaks just like this one! I also find the fact that people created a "less Swae Lee", "no Swae Lee" edits... kind of problematic. No one erased Babyface from "Take a Bow" back in the day. People also want "Maluma-less" edits of Medellin, while no one cared about Justin on "4 Minutes". You draw your own conclusions.