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  1. *mlvc*

    The show at the Olympia was professionally filmed and that is a theatre. I just do not see Madonna NOT recording this and releasing it.
  2. Hmm, I find it hard to believe especially considering that it's a theater performance.
  3. *mlvc*

    This reminds me of when I went to MDNA in Atlanta there was a guy on the side of the street selling tee shirts. He was saying, “Vogue, vogue for your loved ones!”
  4. *mlvc*

    I don’t recall right off, but I read it somewhere. It’s probably not true.
  5. *mlvc*

    I don't think Madonna will be late like she usually is. For one thing the show won't be as over the top as an arena show and therefore not as many safety checks - Madonna is known to be very serious about multiple checks because someone could get seriously injured or killed. Secondly theaters are a little more strict about showtimes, yes, it's Madonna, but there is a limit. Number three, if they are making you lock up your phones and you're by yourself that's going to be a pretty miserable experience waiting forever. Fourth and last point, the showtimes are 9:30. Previously they were something like 8pm, so she's already built in her cushion. As for the no drinks, I'm a little curious about that since it will be sort of odd if there aren't cocktails offered at a Madonna show.
  6. *mlvc*

    It would depend on how you wanted to represent the album, but if you wanted a chance at hits I would have released: Medellín Crazy Crave Future Come Alive (maybe) I think those are the most commercial tracks on the album. I've always been curious if Dark Ballet, God Control, Batuka, and Killers are what delayed the album. I think if that was the direction she was taking it probably scared the label and they sent her back in to work on more commercial tracks. Don't know, just wonder because the album seems to have 2 very different faces.
  7. *mlvc*

    I'm pretty sure it's done. The album has been out for almost 3 months and she's literally about to start touring. There is always the possibility that she did in fact do another video and is saving it for when the tour starts for extra promotion, but the better chance is that any "videos" she has recorded were for the tour.
  8. *mlvc*

    I will be there on the 16th
  9. *mlvc*

    She looks just like Carlos.
  10. *mlvc*

    MDNA relied too heavily on the MDNA album. While I think there was more energy to the MDNA tour I feel that RH had a much better set list and was more enjoyable if you actually wanted to hear Madonna sing.
  11. *mlvc*

    I don't think so, not at all. Madonna doesn't put on boring shows. If the set-list was mixed up enough it would work well. We are talking about a greatest hits tour, and those are her greatest hits according to the charts. If M wasn't touring an album this is exactly the sort of show that the general public would expect and the kind of show that would sell.
  12. *mlvc*

    I think she will do a greatest hits tour, and if she does, I think it will be her last tour. I think we will probably see another album from her, but I'm not 100% sure she will tour it, because I don't see Madonna doing this at 70 like some artists because M does a very different show. I think M will go more into trying to direct more films, but who knows. I would call it, "TAKE A BOW" and it would ONLY have hits. No obscure album tracks, just songs that charted well that people will remember. In NO particular order because this is pretty much a release timeline Holiday Lucky Star Borderline Like A Virgin Material Girl Crazy for You Dress You Up Live To Tell Papa Don't Preach Open Your Heart La Isla Bonita Like A Prayer Express Yourself Cherish Vogue Rain I'll Remember Secret Take A Bow Frozen Ray of Light Music Don't Tell Me Hung Up
  13. Almost a half million views in just a few hours. I hope this song gets remixes and sent to clubs!
  14. HO-LEE F U C K! I need to lay down....
  15. Reasonable prices being the operative word. She could easily sell out an 80 date arena tour if front row seats were no more than $500 retail. These prices for the first few rows being upwards of $2,000 retail is ridiculous. Madonna puts on an amazing show, but I'm not paying her $1,000 an hour. The only seats that are "cheap" are not worth having, but that's just my opinion based on personal preference.