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  1. *mlvc*

    This guy shouldn't be allowed to write reviews just for the sake of trashing someone.
  2. For those who have heard "Ciao Bella" is it just me or does it sound more like "bella ciao, bella ciao, bella ciao?" LOL! It's like there's more emphasis on bella. Also, speaking of "Bella Ciao" I think the electronic sound mixed with the foreign language (I have no idea what it is) ties the entire album together. Great closer.
  3. Oh, Madame X! What hairy arms you have!
  4. Yeah, you're just about as obsessed as I am! Now I see why we were bumping heads a couple of days ago... TOO MUCH ALIKE! haha!
  5. You should see one of my copies of TIC. It's missing all of the gold "foiling" on the booklet. A rare misprint.
  6. I have so many M CDs, etc. that it's almost embarrassing. I think I have at least 400 and they are all sealed and in a plastic sleeve or if they have been opened, which many of my imports etc. have been, they are in a sleeve. On top of that they are in CD containers with lids in alphabetical order.
  7. No, I think we'll just have to wait for someone to type them up since they aren't released. I don't know why they stopped doing that!
  8. This album is definitely not everyone's cup of tea. I think "Dark Ballet" "Batuka" and "Killers" are what is throwing people. Otherwise it's very Madonna. so I don't get the hate of the album as a whole. There are always tracks on albums that I don't like. For instance I despise "Spanish Lesson" "Beat Goes On" "Birthday Song" and "Superstar" but I enjoy their respective albums.
  9. I don't even open mine and I buy several copies. I wait for one to come up on eBay that's been opened and buy a digital release in the meantime.
  10. Ok, so I've been listening to the album in HQ, I must say that this blows the vinyl rip OUT OF THE WATER. The production on every song is very well done. I'm not going to do a track by track, as I stand by the tracks I didn't care for, "Batuka" "Killers" "Dark Ballet" and "God Control," BUT! I am taking "God Control" out of the list of tracks I will skip, I'm still not happy with how the first verse is delivered, but it does sound better in HQ. Also, "Dark Ballet" does sound better with the album as a whole when hearing the album in HQ, so while I still don't think it's a good stand alone track, it does work with the album. The production of "Killers" is also quite spectacular, but I still think the lyrics miss the mark, so I don't think I will ever be a fan of this one, and that's ok. As for "Batuka" it sounds so much better the way it was meant to be heard, but just not a fan of how nasal she sounds and it's basically just chanting, so not one I will be putting on repeat. The best way I can describe this album is a marriage between RAY OF LIGHT and AMERICAN LIFE which are definitely her most experimental albums. While I do not think MX is better than ROL, not by miles, it's still very innovative in many ways, just disjointed as some of the songs don't sound like they fit. Thumbs up.
  11. "Sticky and Sweet." "Fan since "Everybody"...... Yeah, ok.
  12. I had to buy the UK book version. I don't think they are going to be available in the States, so unless I'm wrong you'll have to order the import or the box set, or wait for someone to give them to you.