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  1. This is fantastic news, Jackie you're a life saver - literally for this forum! Thank you!
  2. Still can't sign up for it - now it doesn't ask for an email at all only a mobile number, so not going to happen. What a strange system they have, it seems to change depending on when you click the link as to how they want you to sign up. Never seen anything like it lol.
  3. Tried to join with email - nothing happened. Went back one page, now it wants a mobile number (don't use one) and now the link says its invalid any way. So, no idea what's going on, seems pretty obtuse for something so simple.
  4. Thanks, didn't know. I saw people saying earlier in the thread you had to install the program.
  5. I've been baffled by her recent decisions for a while - her looks and these kind of collaborations, she's completely lost artistically, grasping at straws. It might take a few years, but I can only assume she'll find her way again - most legacy artists have a few bumps like this where they no longer trust their own judgement or ability. For the longest time I thought Madonna was the one to buck that trend, but here we are.
  6. Not interested in installing a separate program to access a forum replacement, a big shame to see the site go but nothing lasts forever. Good while it lasted.
  7. As always M. does what she wants with no fucks given, that's why we love her.
  8. This was a cool idea for a thread, didn't realise how many animal moments she had had until they were all together.
  9. I don't think I'm that inquisitve in that way. I'd love to hear her and the producer at the time say talk about a specific project, but in general I'm just happy go along for the ride and see where it goes. Even when it takes twists or turns I'm not that interested in, it's still fun to see her trying something different, I don't always need to know every little how, where and why - just that she's still working and being interested in working is enough.
  10. Have to agree that I prefer chronological order myself but I will choose CD2 from this list.
  11. Happy Birthday to the icon. It's been fun seeing media buzz about her legacy recently, brings back a lot of memories
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