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  1. DressMeUp

    Great, love to see the forums back again!
  2. DressMeUp

    I'll try and hunt that version down - thanks for letting me know :-)
  3. DressMeUp

    Papa Don't Preach is my favourite of those reissues - 'Ain't No Big Deal' sounds really good, as does the Extended version of 'Papa Don't Preach'. Nice to have them in CD format - and the cover art is great. All of those reissue singles are nice (apart from 'Who's That Girl' - which sounds as if it was transferred from an old cassette recording!). The collection would have been perfect if the 7" single edits / mixes were all included. Shame they weren't.
  4. DressMeUp

    As always M. does what she wants with no fucks given, that's why we love her.
  5. DressMeUp

    Maybe someday....
  6. DressMeUp

    This was a cool idea for a thread, didn't realise how many animal moments she had had until they were all together.
  7. DressMeUp

    I don't think I'm that inquisitve in that way. I'd love to hear her and the producer at the time say talk about a specific project, but in general I'm just happy go along for the ride and see where it goes. Even when it takes twists or turns I'm not that interested in, it's still fun to see her trying something different, I don't always need to know every little how, where and why - just that she's still working and being interested in working is enough.
  8. DressMeUp

    I'm probably going to buy this on vinyl as I already have it on CD and the original cassette.
  9. Have to agree that I prefer chronological order myself but I will choose CD2 from this list.
  10. DressMeUp

    Happy Birthday to the icon. It's been fun seeing media buzz about her legacy recently, brings back a lot of memories
  11. DressMeUp

    Newbie here. I found the forum by accident when searching google, but it looks pretty active and welcoming so wanted to see what all the buzz was about Been a fan for as long as I can remember (too long!) probably since Like A Virgin really, but my favourite period is Erotica. /Waves hello to everyone. Oh and I'm from the UK.