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  1. Oh no! That's actually really sad. No ones fault really, but autism is a really misunderstood condition. Small changes in routine (especially removal of essential items like watches) without pre-established rules can be agonising. What looks like aggression is a genuine inability to understand the situation. Hope he was ok and someone came forward to reset the boundaries and settle his mind.
  2. It really wasn't. A performance all of its own. I'm a seasoned raver (90s boy - still misbehaving) - but if you're in a bloody theatre in teeny pokey seats, have a thought for those around you that have paid £150+ (I'm not suggesting they should've sat down - but flailing and shouting deserves a slap). I had to grab her arm once because she nearly chucked a g&t over us.
  3. I've seen this three times and still no God Control (haha!). This time up in the top circle - a very different experience up there. Not necessarily a bad one, it's a bit wide screen and you see more of the choreography. Drunk people flailing, talking, shouting and taking their clothes off, plus some girl who looked like she was on her first e. Kept talking constantly and climbing over everyone. Very annoying - thankfully I could move. It gets a bit feral up there!
  4. I loved Madonna's performance (she talked about it a lot at the Palladium on superbowl night)...however I never watch it because it's missing live vocals. The lipsync takes all the personality out of it and makes what could've been an amazing show, quite uneventful.
  5. Vegas thrills and spills with zero coolness factor. They obviously performed like machines and the choreography was insane, but musically, it was my worst nightmare come true. I'm sure she's great at what she does (hips don't lie hehe)...! I love Latin music generally - just struggle with pop.
  6. Glad she nailed it - looks like a great performance. However - these aren't "live" vocals. It's an overdub (necessary for frenetic dancing - but still).
  7. She also mimes, "It's a con" when the music says "it's a hustle" But I LOVE IT SO MUCH so I don't care.
  8. Yes it could tbh. Often, Madonna's messages get a bit lost in all the pretentious preaching and speeches - but this is a moment that can't be challenged. Let's hope it contributes to change and gets people talking. They'll have to go a long way to get reforms past middle America and the Trump turnout but still...
  9. It's just so so good! The dramatic pause before "A new democracy!" gave me the shivers. Only critique: the outfits are really white rentadisco and bear little relevance to what was going on in Downtown NYC at the time. The track itself is wonderful. I'm very happy she's finally released something credible that stands up next to her older stuff.
  10. Jeez lots of downbeat/earnest debating in here. Calm down, it's a pop video. I felt she nailed it here - the sentiment is really hammered home.
  11. Isn't that like, now? (Not having a meltdown, promise!) ;)
  12. 1. God Control 2. Medellín 3. I Don't Search I Find 4. Ciao Bella 5. Future 6. Looking for Mercy 7. Killers who are partying 8. Dark Ballet 9. Crave 10. Extreme Occident 11. Come alive 12. I Rise 13. Batuka 14. Crazy 15. Back that up to the beat 16. Bitch I'm loca 17. Faz Gostoso 18. Funana
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