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  1. go and fuck yourself 

  2. tricky ricky

    what are you talking about ? why would a racist person adopt black children ? that is my point and youre saying its similar having brothers and sisters which is something that we can not choose ...fucking asshole fuck yourself and this shit forum
  3. tricky ricky

    no i think the clip is showing clips from her new music video - she is singing over the clip
  4. tricky ricky

    I dont know i mean in the video clip she posted of her playing guitar is looks like it will be a mid tempo song like love profusion .
  5. tricky ricky

    it would prob sound good
  6. tricky ricky

    odd to be banned on madonna nation unless they think youre a gaga fan ..i mean they have gaga fans on that forum posing to be madonna fans which they secretly are copying and pasting comments about gaga on the gaga forum lol a mole its absolutely pathetic
  7. tricky ricky

    id buy it i mean i have that " cant play guitar with gloves on " song stuck in my head ...
  8. tricky ricky

    i agree with this
  9. tricky ricky

    it feels reductive and diplo should sue and im being serious that is a blatant rip off
  10. tricky ricky

    nah they ban people who they think could be you know who fans ...trolls
  11. tricky ricky

    I dont think its insecurity i just think she is waiting for the right time and her performing at the grammys to promote living for love did nothing for the song lol so what is the point i mean she prob boosts the grammys ratings and i dont think she should do it they constantly snub her music and we all know the reductress will be there i mean she performs on it yearly doesnt she lol
  12. tricky ricky

    We all know Madonna was a bad girl we dont need reminding
  13. tricky ricky

    THE LYRICS LEAKED A WEEK AGO She wanted to test her husband She knew exactly what to do A pseudonym to fool him She couldn't have made a worse move She sent him scented letters And he received them with a strange delight Just like his wife But how she was before the tears And how she was before the years flew by And how she was when she was beautiful She signed the letter All yours Batuka Batuka Batuka-ya-ya! All yours Batuka Batuka Batuka-ya-ya! She wanted to take it further So she arranged a place to go To see if he Would fall for her incognito And when he laid eyes on her He got the feeling they had met before Uncanny how she Reminds him of his little lady Capacity to give him all he needs Just like his wife before she freezed on him Just… All yours Batuka Batuka Batuka-ya-ya! All yours Batuka Batuka Batuka-ya-ya!
  14. tricky ricky

    its like when she was accused of racism due to her comment about beyonce looking at her albums in a art gallery fake picture ..her haters created all that ..they twisted it to suit their agenda lol ..losers
  15. tricky ricky

    this..they need to get a life i mean people moaning about that song about condoms have forgot about the " hey you dont be silly put a rubber on your willy " classic lol