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  1. Did anyone shazam that song she was listening to on her instagram makeup post?
  2. I kinda get a feeling she may release a compilation of demos through the years as a mixtape. I hope so at least.
  3. It is the album cover. sadly i don't think there will be an official single cover
  4. Same! I was shook when i saw your comment. I've been a fan of them for a few years! That's definitely a great album
  5. Also. No hate towards Kylie ofc. I love her
  6. I listen to her full albums almost daily. I am much more of a full album listener than making a playlist of songs
  7. I think I'm too sensitive to work for Madonna. I love and admire her too much, if she were rude to me (in a non joking way ofc), I would be devastated. I don't think she's quite as difficult as most people make her seem though. I believe she's just very disciplined and hard-working
  8. I agree I hate gossipy ones. Thank you for the suggestion, I'll check it out
  9. Anyone can recommend me some books that cover Madonna from the earlier days? I feel like it's hard to find info on the time period of the first album that seems accurate and is written not vaguely. Thanks.
  10. personally i would really love if she did really good reissues while we wait for whatever comes next. I thin that and a Madame X Tour DVD will really hold fans over until the next of her ventures
  11. Heeey lovelies, I'm going to get a gym membership for 2020 and want to make a playlist to listen to while working out. What are some good Madonna songs to listen to while working out in your opinion?
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