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  1. I don't think any of my pre order items have shipped yet even...
  2. The thread title made me emotional...
  3. Zaktkoons

    i think American Life aged well over time with the fanbase. It's considered one of her best albums by many fans, myself included. But I think people had a different reaction when it came out
  4. Zaktkoons

    I think they are all fake versions of the vinyl rip. I haven't seen anything in genuine 320kbps
  5. Zaktkoons

    Calm down. I'm only teasing. But it is a perfect album. OPINION
  6. Zaktkoons

    Still doesn't change the fact that it is a perfect album
  7. Zaktkoons

    I'm sorry, but if you don't like American Life or Music I just don't care about your opinion and I certainly don't take it seriously. Those are two of my favorite albums ever, so if Madame X is even a tinnnyyy bit like them, it will be an amazing album to me.
  8. Zaktkoons

    Is this a reply to me? About "Come Alive"? Because wow that sounds fabulous
  9. Zaktkoons

    "Killers Who Are Partying" is the second snippet in this video after Extreme Occident?
  10. Zaktkoons

    This is the least song I've heard about. What is it like? Many treat it as a filler it seems
  11. Zaktkoons

    I want to hear about Extreme Occident. The teasers give me life. What does everyone think of this song
  12. Zaktkoons

    That's what I've been figuring. It'll be worth it anyways. But these ran reviews got me so excited!
  13. Zaktkoons

    I'm gonna ask again @LindebergBoyyou said they plan to drop the album early if it leaks. Will they? It has officially leaked and been spread all over the net now. Do they plan on releasing it a few days early now?
  14. Zaktkoons

    It's cool I've seen just about each song be listed as a favorite on the album. It seems this album really has something for everyone