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  1. Zaktkoons

    what i want onnneee
  2. Zaktkoons

    Good luck with replacing it! How much did you sell it for?
  3. Zaktkoons

    No they didn't. Tbh they probably forgot all about it since they probably purchased it so long ago and thank you!!
  4. Zaktkoons

    Just picked it up. No CD unfortunately (I'm sure I can buy that separately easily enough tho) but the book and aluminum cover are overall in great shape, and held up well since the 90s the comic is there and in good condition as well. I'm so happy!
  5. Zaktkoons

    At least if the CD isnt included i can find it cheap online separately. I can't wait to get ahold of it
  6. Zaktkoons

    The poster said it was on great shape, if it doesnt come with he extras I'll simply buy them as you said. I'm excited I've wanted that for a while!
  7. Zaktkoons

    Hmm I'll have to ask. Either way I'm definitely buying it
  8. Zaktkoons

    I saw a copy being sold on classifieds in my area for $10. The owner says it is in great shape, and it appears to have the aluminum cover as well. I want to go pick it up, but out of curiosity, how good of a deal is this? I know the book can go for quite a lot, but opened (even if in great condition) does it still sell for so much money?
  9. Zaktkoons

    I listen to her full albums almost daily. I am much more of a full album listener than making a playlist of songs
  10. Zaktkoons

    It's one of her best for sure, in my opinion. And I have seen it twice.
  11. Zaktkoons

    I think I'm too sensitive to work for Madonna. I love and admire her too much, if she were rude to me (in a non joking way ofc), I would be devastated. I don't think she's quite as difficult as most people make her seem though. I believe she's just very disciplined and hard-working
  12. Zaktkoons

    I agree I hate gossipy ones. Thank you for the suggestion, I'll check it out
  13. Zaktkoons

    Anyone can recommend me some books that cover Madonna from the earlier days? I feel like it's hard to find info on the time period of the first album that seems accurate and is written not vaguely. Thanks.
  14. Zaktkoons

    personally i would really love if she did really good reissues while we wait for whatever comes next. I thin that and a Madame X Tour DVD will really hold fans over until the next of her ventures
  15. Zaktkoons

    i love it. i want to buy it lol