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  1. Zaktkoons

    Just sent an email to ticketmaster about why the heck we haven't recieved our email to claim our tickets to the US shows. I hope they get back to me soon, because let's just say...
  2. Zaktkoons

    Annoying if you ask me. I don't blame Madonna of course, but Ticketmaster always seems to find a way to make me stress out whenever I buy through them.
  3. Zaktkoons

    I'm assuming they are behind, and will probably be sent out by today or tomorrow. Ticketmaster is really starting to make me mad!
  4. Zaktkoons

    Has anyone got their emails to claim their tickets to the US shows? They said we would by the 22nd.
  5. when I watched it I thought I was the only one picking up these vibes. Even the way she's carrying herself gives me True Blue era/Papa Don't Preach vibes. And I'm LIVING for it
  6. Some of the shots her face reminded me of the Papa Don't Preach music video
  7. Zaktkoons

    I'm a bit worried. With all the mess this process has been I don't know what to expect until the tickets are in my account
  8. Zaktkoons

    Weren't we supposed to get our follow up emails today for the LA shows?
  9. Zaktkoons

    That is wild..... who would've thought
  10. Zaktkoons

    I got a rejection email today after already having confirmed ticket. Glitch right?
  11. Wow that was amazing. I am bawling. What a powerful performance. This is exactly why she is my queen. Also, adore the living singing
  12. Looks a lot like the Met Gala performance and the clip sounded just like the version of "Like a Prayer" she did there. But... Why do people say she is lip syncing? Are they deaf? She is singing 100% live
  13. Is "Ciao Papi" the next "Slow down Papi"?
  14. Holy shit that was so good. I am so impressed by this. Such a great track. I hope I like Bitch I'm Loca this much. Her voice reminds me of Hard Candy era