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  1. express yourself papa don't preach la isla bonita material girl open your heart
  2. Drowned world Ray of light Deeper and deeper Vogue Rescue me
  3. Jump Célébration Get together Give it to me Miles away
  4. Danton

    thank you for your lucidity and your precision
  5. Danton

    I think she publishes herself
  6. Danton

    I hope that the cancellation of the first part is the consequence of the curfew and that in Paris she will not zap God Control - Dark Ballet and Hunan nature / if it’s to lighten the show in choreography on the second evening of the consecutive dates here feared for the public ... or else she should do at least two more songs after Future on the piano or on the piano 🎹 to compensate ...
  7. Danton

    6 and 13/02 are at risk ... (3rd consecutive date)
  8. Danton

    strange evolution ...
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    1. Drowned World 2. Love Profusion 3. Heartbeat 4. Devil 5. Deeper & Deeper 6. Jump 7. Forbidden love ( Confession) 8. Papa don't preach 9. Impressive instant 10. I deserve it
  11. Danton

    Drowned World/Substitute For Love vs. Hung Up Swim vs. Get Together Ray of Light vs. Sorry Candy Perfume Girl vs. Future Lovers Skin vs. I Love New York Nothing Really Matters vs. Let It Will Be Sky Fits Heaven vs. Forbidden Love Shanti/Ashtangi vs. Jump Frozen vs. How High The Power of Good-Bye vs. Isaac To Have and Not to Hold vs. Push Little Star vs. Like It or Not Mer Girl vs. History Has to Be vs. Super Pop Be Careful vs. Fighting Spirit
  12. Danton

    Erotica vs. Survival Fever vs. Secret Bye Bye Baby vs. I'd Rather Be Your Lover Deeper and Deeper vs. Don't Stop Where Life Begins vs. Inside of Me Bad Girl vs. Human Nature Waiting vs. Forbidden Love Thief of Hearts vs. Love Tried to Welcome Me Words vs. Sanctuary Rain vs. Bedtime Story Why's It So Hard vs. Take a Bow In This Life vs. Freedom Did You Do It? vs. Let Down Your Guard Secret Garden vs. Your Honesty
  13. Danton

    Madonna Best: Holiday Worst: everybody Like a Virgin Best: Like a Virgin Worst: pretender True Blue Best: Papa don’t preach Worst: Jimmy Jimmy Like a Prayer Best: Express Yourself Worst: love song Erotica Best: Deeper and deeper Worst: thief of heart Bedtime Stories Best: secret Worst: Don't Stop Ray of Light Best: Drowned World/Substitue For Love Worst: candy perfume girl Music Best: I deserve it Worst: runaway lover American Life Best: Intervention Worst: xstatic process Confessions on a Dance Floor Best: jump Worst: how high Hard Candy. Best : heartbeat Worst: 4 minutes MDNA Best: Girl Gone Wild Worst: I’m a sinner Rebel Heart Best: Addicted Worst: Iconic Madame X Best: Come Alive Worst: Faz Gostozo
  14. Intervention - Drowned World - I deserve it - nobody’s perfect - heartbeat 💗
  15. Nothing to change before Hard Candy Only changes for Hard Candy et Madame X Hard Candy Beat goes on - pré single summer 2017- 6 month before the release of the album 4 Minutes She's not me Give It 2 Me Miles Away Madame X Medellin summer 2018 pré single Killers who are partying God Control Crazy The soul of Madame X, that is to say, the dna of the project which is the slow and intimate fado side will not have been exploited commercially in terms of single. It's a daring album that is not insured. It should have begun the exploitation of the disc by "Killers" with a clip impregnated by the Portuguese imagery with Madonna in brown in a scenery like the poster of Madame X Tour
  16. Danton

    Did the implants of the buttocks not unbalance her morphology, impacting, in the long term, the resistance of her knees ?
  17. Danton

    Her loss of speed in terms of career increased his star megalomania. Instead of getting better she prefers to drive the nail
  18. Dark Ballet became my favorite song on the record when it left me feeling hungry in June ... Killers I loved was boring me a little now but it's a good song and I listened to it a lot . Future and Medellin are boring me now. After 4 months of listening my favorites are now Dark Ballet, God Control, and Extreme Occident
  19. Holiday - Express Yourself - Vogue - Deeper and Deeper - Ray of Light - Impressive Instant - Jump - Beat goes on - Heartbeat - I’m addicted -
  20. Danton

    But what are her twin girls doing on stage at half past midnight? Don't they go to school? Why doesn't she start her concerts at 8:30 pm so that her daughters are sleeping at 11 pm which is already late for children! Is it normal that girls of this age are perverted by the show biz until 1am, 4 nights a week? I am a little reactionary but I have children and I will not conceive of bedtime so late and disrupt them with exhibitions of this type at their age. At the time of the Drowned World Tour, Rocco was 1 year old and the shows started at 8pm! Today they start at the time when the drowned world tour was coming to an end! incomprehensible!
  21. Danton

    Yes it's part of the show but I do not understand why she strives to always be considered as a bitch who likes money. Why are places so expensive ? Why isn't she generous with her fans ? Why not sing Rescue Me to please ... that's it. Why does she never do anything for the pure pleasure of her fans? Why does she love being so unloved?
  22. Danton

    Our former French President Jacques Chirac passed away today. Something to remember with Madonna in 1987 before her concert at the Parc de Sceaux as part of Who's That Girl Tour
  23. Danton

    it should be a free selfy with a fan rather than a polaroid of her. this racket is pretty appalling
  24. Danton

    where does the information that Rescue Me was removed from the song list come from?