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  1. NickiFinn

    the intervierw was going so well and she sounds like a damn stan until she goes i wanna talk about motherhood...................... god women are so annoying sometimes
  2. NickiFinn

    this is incorrect her hair was long when she sung that like all the way may. This is hell buenas aires and and i wanna beeee a part of b a buenas aires. big apple
  3. whoever doesn't like this song is clearly obese
  4. NickiFinn

    oh no not my cassette player
  5. i loooooooooooove soltera this is keeping me busy untill that album is released
  6. My theory is she gives rocco and lola a million dollars for every year they do not have kids.
  7. you deserve your face smashed for that avatar
  8. NickiFinn

    but MDNA and Rebel Heart are career highlights
  9. NickiFinn

    Billboard because i havent seen the other. Im wating on the album to cum out before i play any song off the album
  10. NickiFinn

    same lets keep staying madame x virgins until June 14th
  11. NickiFinn

    You had better not everyone on the forum will hear the album with non fresh songs they have already played out and we will have the superior experience on June 14th with 18 new songs and they only get 13
  12. NickiFinn

    move called youre next. watching movies from this list
  13. i will wait to watch this on june 14th im boycotting anything that has to do with new songs until then. Except i played soltera which doesnt count
  14. wow a new member who joined us to spread racism. how cute
  15. i did and i liked it. Not playing any madame x songs till june 14th. Im a madame X virgin except medellin and saving myself for my wedding date on June 14th