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  1. the title is offensive. way to much talk about age Madonna was right
  2. uhm not until June 14th..! Im waiting for the album to play any song off it
  3. gimme all your love holy water bye bye bye baby are all good songs. im just going to delete your post im my imagination. Revolver, GIRL GONE WILD really? get out. get out now
  4. gimme all your luvin went top 10 so this is a complete lie.
  5. well my mother is a year younger than Madonna and has 2 grandchildren. She makes them call her nanny
  6. My theory is she gives rocco and lola a million dollars for every year they do not have kids.
  7. Dude you are crazy af ?. Always starting drama with people who do not care tsk tsk
  8. But you were fixated on the apostrophe so whats the truth? Also I wasn't mocking or saying it to be an asshole I was just correcting him so he would know.... You freak ?
  9. Why did you not correct the lower case letter in Leonard, sis?
  10. its steal not stole. Did Patrick leonard steal money from fans?
  11. maybe they were oddly placed butt pads on stone wall day. Either way our queen is looking fantastic
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