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  1. NickiFinn

    Uhmm I just said she did a great job at losing weight. She called herself "fat soccer mom" during this time period plenty of times. And she did a great job at getting back to her regular weight. Take a chill pill and relax. Since when is saying Madonna looks good the same thing as being obsessed with peoples bodies lol the reach. the conversation is over anyways
  2. NickiFinn

    No it is definitely this half assed one. Bye
  3. NickiFinn

    the title is offensive. way to much talk about age Madonna was right
  4. NickiFinn

    I agree but I think she had this date first then his team picked that release date after. The album is def coming out too late it should have been released mid may but im still soooooooooo excited to hear the album and the released singles for the first time 8 more days!
  5. NickiFinn

    oh god the chubbies got offended sorry yall. . Anyways she did a great job at getting back to her MDNA era body and she looks great. its a compliment yall get out of your feelings
  6. NickiFinn

    not fat fat . just fat for Madonna standards. she def lost weight for the album. If you see her thigh in the medellin video where maluma takes off her gaurder versus when he does it the the BBMA her thigh is much more tone and muscular and gorgeous just like the old days. That is an admiral accomplishment.
  7. NickiFinn

    Does anyone remember when Madonna was fat for like 2 years. We should be happy and celebrate she is skinny and beautiful again.
  8. NickiFinn

    Madonna isn't going to die.
  9. first one is terrible second one is an "old" pic
  10. NickiFinn

  11. NickiFinn

    Yes she has a secret pop past DId you play too hot? Its new to me and im obsessed with it. The album is quite good. Simply titled Alanis Ill get to her other stuff at a later time
  12. NickiFinn

    what? itunes got shut down...
  13. NickiFinn

    uhm not until June 14th..! Im waiting for the album to play any song off it
  14. NickiFinn

    Thats her third
  15. NickiFinn

    im listening to Alanais Morrisettes first album which i just discovered and (was very hard t find) while I wait for Madame X. Alanis 1.0 was ICONIC. A Paula Abdul Mariah carey hybrid