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  1. Yot

    1. Live To Tell (such a great song!!!) 2. La Isla Bonita 3. True Blue 4. Open Your Heart 5. Papa Don't Preach 6. White Heat 7. Where's The Party 8. Love Makes The World Go Round 9. Jimmy Jimmy
  2. Yot

    Dear US people, don't try to understand Eurovision, it makes no sense by design It rarely has good songs, but sometimes, quite rarely, some songs are not so bad. I usually don't watch it, but if Madonna might make an appearance, that changes everything
  3. Have you seen this? I think it sounds very interesting and am looking forward to it. I had read some time ago that she used to play drums in a band before her success, apparently this is what it is about.
  4. Yot


    Welcome!!! I <3 Poland: best food, best video games!
  5. Yot

    I am 21 and literally in love with Madonna. I mean, have you listened to the second half of Erotica and the second half of Ray of Light albums? Have you seen her eyes in the Live To Tell video? Her voice and presence in early performances of Express Yourself? The fact that she wrote her music and managed her image? Her old interviews where she was destroying conservative stuck up interviewers and showing so much depth? And these are just some small examples of her amazing art over the years? She is 60 now, so what, she still looking gorgeous, and with so much charisma and intelligence. People who are now in high school probably only know her latest stuff... which is arguably not as amazing as it used to be. Maybe give them some old CDs, send them some links to old performances and interviews? Maybe we should compile a Madonna Starter Pack For Young Fools with her greatest stuff?
  6. Yot

    I would have also preferred recent pictures. The 2018 Madonna is sufficiently sexy and beautiful, there was no need to use older pictures.
  7. Yot

    1. Do you sometimes suddenly realize "holy shit, I am fricking Madonna!" and get astounded for a second? 2. What gives more power: knowledge, charisma, creativity, money, or bravery combined with energy? 3. You are the most beautiful and amazing person on Earth. Yes, sorry, that was not a question. 4. Can I please please be your slave? Will do anything you tell me to. These are the keys to my chastity device.
  8. Yot

    The strength she is emitting is so sexy...
  9. Madonna seems to be a dominant woman, at least according to her words, and at least at times. I am just wondering if many of her fans are into flr / femdom.
  10. Yot

    I would like to take this opportunity to say how strongly Piers Morgan disgusts me. Just thinking of him makes me vomit in my mouth a little bit. As a fat, sly and selfish 52yo liar and manipulator, he decided to lengthily elaborate and visually affirm how nauseas he is because of the sexy dancing of a 59yo fit, flexible, charismatic, fearless woman who can bend herself in crazy ways in a car while singing with a great voice all along. Don't we all love the image of the old perv chasing young girls and being disgusted with women around his age, even though he is a disgusting unkempt loser. Don't we all love the idea that women are only worth something when they are young, and once a young woman gets older there is nothing left in her to admire or love - she can be thrown in the trash. Well, these beautiful and noble concepts now have a champion, a man determined to promote all that is disgusting and unfair in this world. Madonna's sexy dancing in the carpool karaoke, and her "just do it" pubes picture - I found both of them very sexy, and I reacted accordingly via the expected biophysical response, and not because I prefer older women or anything like that, simply because Madonna really is sexy as f.... Some wrinkles and "imperfections" here and there, but an amazing character and incredible charisma.
  11. Yot

    That's really awesome! I had heard of a similar story of two Mylene Farmer fans finding they have a lot in common and getting married; there is something amazing about finding your identity and your love through art!
  12. Yot

    And some straight guys (myself included) love how strong, "ferocious and domineering and in control" she is. And I love the song Vogue, even though I don't understand the feeling it is about, I love its melody and rhythm. It is amazing that she could write a song capturing such a feeling, in spite of not being a gay man. Her most sexual era strongly resonates with my sexuality. But I can imagine that for a pig part of straight men it made her less "fuckable". Regarding if there is sexism or misogyny in this: I guess there is, even though it is mostly about sexual preference. But there is also this sad fact that many straight men who sexually prefer strong and domineering women are also sexist and misogynist...
  13. Yot

    Hi there! My name is John, I am 20 yo, freelance software developer and part time college student. Favourite song: it changes all the time, but right now it is Power Of Goodbye. In addition to Madonna I like: Mumford & Sons, classic rock like Deep Purple and Uriah Heap.
  14. Yot

    Yes but she got recognition worth millions of homecoming queen elections
  15. Yot

    Great version of Over And Over there