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  1. In my book, this is not a remix, she's just used as a sample, as the base for this person to rap? Sing? or whatever they do So as a Madonna fan, this is pointless... at least to me, of course
  2. If u only knew what they use as source for these upscales... It's RIDICULOUS
  3. Most of the old videos were don in film, so yes... If they do proper remasters from those, we could get true 4K versions The alanis' remasters are an example of that
  4. i really hope she reimagines her own catalogue kinda what kylie did with the abbey road sessions
  5. Just finished watching it and I LOVED It! Even though we all know the story, I personally didnt know every little detail so it was really interesting and fun and nostalgic to watch! Its amazing the amount of pics they got from that period of time! And its great to hear some unreleased clips from those years as well!
  6. does anyone remember that interview (dont know if it was rick nowles or patrick leonard) in which they mentioned some of these demos, especially flirtation dance, being completely different from the released version and kind of regretting the world would never get to hear it? I need to find it :'(
  7. YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I have never read if it was ever compared to Bocanada, but I've always felt it! Bocanada has the same mood and feels and even sounds as ROL... I've always wondered if he was influenced by the album OR if he was influenced by Orbit's work I love both albums and love what they make me feel!
  8. I'm actually on the opposite spectrum Since the clips for these demos leaked, I felt relieved as they are not (for me) what ray of light represents Dont get me wront... I LOVE being able to hear them and I love them for what they are... demos! Its amazing to see the process of how one song can evolve and reach its full potential with the right production Although I see your point... as far as melody and lyrics, most of them remain the same. But I think the core of this record (ROL) lies on its cohesiveness and trippy-like mood, as well as the enchanting vocals... and thats something to credit Orbit (and M of course)
  9. very interesting read! cant find the interview where I think nowels talks about how different and cool some of the demos were!
  10. dont make me choose! Love them both to pieces for different reasons! but I feel AL closer to my heart
  11. I can't believe her collaboration with the grandious Massive Attack was not considered nah, I get it... each has its own taste I'm not sure I'll be able to do this properly and I know I may be biased as these are some of my favs, but here we go: Drowned World / Substitute for Love I Want You Easy Ride Bad Girl Oh Father
  12. She has a few crappy songs... but at the top of my head: Incredible & BDay Song
  13. Please! This is a plead for any member here that got hold of a digital copy of this demo cd (and I know for a fact there are at least 5 users with it)... this is the year to share it with us!! https://www.discogs.com/Madonna-Demo-Assembly-As-Of-6497/release/7459021
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