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  1. @BeepBeepBitchMoveHere it is. Sorry it's all wrinkled, but they just threw it inside the bag like that lol
  2. There was a special exclusive t-shirt being sold only at yesterday's show, as it was part of the City Sound Vault series.
  3. My card was just charged for the NY show. I'm not a legacy member and I don't have a citi card. Didn't request VIP tickets either. No emails yet though.
  4. Patrick Leonard is performing live in NYC on September 12th at Joe's Pub. Tickets are $40, and he is supposed to perform piano renditions of the songs he wrote with M, as well as his other hits. Tickets just went up for sale at the Public Theater website.
  5. The "Buenos Aires" vocals seem to have been rerecorded for the remix as well.
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